Missing trinkets

I just sent in a ticket earlier and i noticed another bug. All the trinkets i got from the Bounty of blood dlc have disappeared from my trinket inventory. I still have the cowboy hat trinket on my weapon but it doesn’t show up in my trinket inventory. I’m afraid to change it as i worry it might disappear. Please help.

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They’re bugged. Don’t remove it from a weapon.

This is happening with the Guardian Rank-unlockable weapon trinkets too, only mine aren’t showing up at all anymore. (PC/Steam version if that even means anything anymore).

Typical AAA mainstream broken, bloated shovelware.

From Guardian rank you can get Weapon Skin and VH skin, not the trinket iirc.

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Oh yeah, so it is skins. My mistake (I should check these things more often I suppose).

This happened to me before I took a break from the game so is the issue fix? And can I get this back on my character?