Missing Varkid Boss

Has anybody heard or read any further mention of the giant Vermivorous looking varkid that was in the games launch trailer? I had forgotten about it until recently and am blown away that we still haven’t gotten something that was shown before launch. If this gets released later on as a paid headhunter type pack I may just lose my mind


We are missing bosses period outside of story and side missions!
I mean, there’s hidden mobs but nothing like vermivourous. Or pyro pete. Or those other raid bosses that don’t take you 20 minutes of mobbing to get to.

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Vermi could take hours to spawn though. In comparison, what’s a bit of mobbing next to that.

I do like to see some interesting traditional raidbosses to return but if it’s between a boss like Eista or a takedown - i’d pick takedown anyday of the week.

I don’t see why this should even have to be a choice? Quality wise I suppose I’d choose a takedown as well but if you consider the resources each would require I’d think they could pump out multiple raid bosses and smaller arenas in the time it takes to make a single takedown.

Also I wouldn’t necessarily want to farm for a Vermi evolution but for it to happen naturally would be awesome, same idea for goliath evolutions would have been neat.

The point I wanted to make was more that we’d seen a snippet of this big boss in advertisements and haven’t heard a peep in almost a year

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Yeah, i were just thinking based of what we’ve seen so far. Eista is pretty much the pyro pete of this game, but even easier. I would love to see traditional raidbosses or even vermi to return, but i don’t think vermi would make a great return if it were brought back and worked the same way it did in BL2. Not many maps that would support it, and being a giant bullet sponge it would feel odd next to most other bosses which are more mechanic driven.

If they brought back natural selection annex and introduced him that way, it could be cool. They could make it a hybrid activity. 5 rounds vs varkids, skags and stalkers etc, just like a regular slaughter arena and if i wanted to have a shot at vermi i would have to allow varkids to pod up and hope for the best, and when he finally do spawn there’s an entire arena to support such a fight.

The “raid boss guy” at gbx has obviously been head hunted by a rival. Now it’s all just inflated armor and health bars.