Missing Vault Hunters

So we are missing more than a few vault hunters, them being: Axton, Gaige, Salvador, Timothy, Kreig, and Athena. We last saw, or should I say heard, Gaige and Axton in the Holodome DLC for the pre-sequel. They were said to have been hunting vaults on other planets. Athena was last seen at the end of the Pre-sequel when the Watcher appeared to the vault hunters with tidings of war. And Timmothy, Kreig, and Sal are all unknown, as far as I know.

Epilog of Claptastic Voyage is after that scene from based game.

Was it ever confirmed that Timothy is still alive? There was early speculation that he may have been the body double killed in Opportunity during BL2.

No, but there is no confirmation of his death either.

I found this after a little search:

For now, we didn’t see him die, so I presume he’s alive somewhere…

Considering that BL2 was made before TPS, inconsistencies don’t surprise me. I guess it’s still inconclusive, only BL3 will tell.

Timothy appears to have taken up a career in acting. In the Promethea demo there’s a movie poster with Jack on it, and the star’s name ends in “…othy Doppelman.” Source on twitter

Doppleman lmao :rofl:

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