Missing weapon slot after powerleveling

So I powerleveled a new Claptrap to level 15 through the Robot Army mission (on PS4, if it matters), but that didn’t unlock my third weapon slot, as I was expecting it to. Anyone know what I would need to do to get it to unlock?

Complete story to this point?

Is replaying the only option?

If you start the game it will be at first mission so you cannot have this upgrade.

Make sure you have all story missions done and checked up to that point. I think that’s what @GrzesPL meant.
And just to be sure. The third weapon slot open at Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion. The mission prior to Robot Army .

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I’ll give that a try. Thank you both for the info.

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Yeah sorry that I didn’t make too clear, I was in the middle of BL2 fight :smiley: Technicaly you haven’t reach this part of the game, so thats why this upgrade is locked. You need to complete all story missions to this point, then game will ask if you want to skip this mission. Once you do this or finish that mission again the upgrade will be available.
Thats just how powerleveling works, you can be at max lvl etc. but you cannot go farm last boss in your game until you complete the story to this specific point.

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No problem, I know what that’s like. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve pretty much only played solo up to now, so I guess I’m ignorant about the details of powerleveling. Thanks for the clarification!

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