Missing Weapons in DLC4? (Heartbreaker, LadyFist, etc.)

There are a few guns in this game that are apparently in the game code, but currently not available. (unless you cheat of course) With this final DLC coming out in less than two weeks, are we kissing goodbye any chances of obtaining the Good/Bad Touch, Boomacorn, Chere-Aime, etc?

My guess is that if this is definitely definitely the last DLC for this game, the aforementioned weapons and more will probably be offered as quest rewards. I mean, that would really suck if we couldn’t get them at all, ever.

Has anyone heard anything?

No Lady Fist, please no Lady Fist. Lady Fist = Broken Nisha.


Bro that seriously made me laugh

I’m being serious though. Imagine Tombstone + Trick Shot + 800% crit bonus. No.

I know,that’s why it was funny…I had this mental picture of your eyes rolling back in your head

Oh… I thought you meant that Nisha was already broken, and that’s why it was funny…

She is and the Lady Fist on top of it boggles the mind

Lol just because it’s OP as hell doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included. If that’s how you wanna play that’s on you. If it’s not then sell it or whatever.

If they nerfed the Rosie they will never let the Lady Fist in


Everything about this statement

You forgot 1600% critical boost If you have “One For Each of Ya”

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It’s not like we’re not seeing quite a lot of Lady Fists with luneshine on fishy people anyways.

That doesn’t make it ok though

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Honestly I just want The Machine for my Aurelia and Heartbreaker for Athena…is that too much to ask Gearbox

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I would like to see the Heartbreaker,fond mammaries and all

Hey man, I’m not judging you for that! It really sucks that these guns don’t have assigned drops.

You mean 1600% crit bonus, right ?

Anyway, my guess is they never intended to let the lady fist into the game. If you were a programmer and wanted to test crits, what would you put in the files to help test them ?

I would be really happy to see the Boomacorn though.

I agree. It’s seems they used Bl2 weapons so testers could ‘play’ the game without the need for new weapons to be created first. At least the Heartbreaker has a chance to be given out like the Hail was, Lady Fist has no chance and I’m a guy who loved me some Lady Fist. I’ll never understand they upped the crit bonus up that high.

The Lady Fist is in the coding to be dropped.

Take out the ‘to be dropped’ part and it’s true as of right now