Mission 1: ISIC vs ISIC Magnus cheesed kill

Uncertain if this was found/addressed yet but using ISIC vs. ISIC MAGNUS on the first mission if you engage in Omega Strike mode; left-click/heavy cannon shots go through the defense shields on the legs allowing you to effectively cheese and keep him prone from ever getting back up during the fight. Right-click fire also works if you get to a certain angle, the green/red cannister inside the leg has a tiny sliver visible and is not protected by the shield where the blue animation meets the leg. I would guess other splash damage is able to hit through the shield as well but won’t have time to try it out.

I had a similar issue with Miko’s Fungus Among Us with the dot perk. It damages thru the shielding and continuously drops him as soon as he stands back up.

Ambra’s staff does the same.

Actually, a lot of characters can attack through the battery shielding. Not sure if it’s intentional or a glitch but honestly the design of ISIC is just bad. The entire fight is boring, tedious, time consuming, and then his second form is so bad and annoying. Getting knocked into the air and then knocked out of bounds to instant death and not being able to deal damage to him most of the time…

It’s just a badly designed boss fight.

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Ambra’s staff also goes through ISIC’s wards and Aegis :stuck_out_tongue: