Mission 14 Stealth Drones

Hi, I’ve gotten to Mission 14 and the massive fleet protecting the gate to Hiijara.
I’ve wiped out/captured a large part of the Taiidan High Guard fleet.

Only the gate remains, protected by a Cruiser and 3 destroyers. Protected by stealth generators.

I have only 250RU left but I have a bigger fleet of 2 Cruisers, 5 Destroyers, 5 Missile Destroyers and 2 dozen Frigates.

I am unable to target the enemy ships. I sent a proximity sensor near the gate on reconnaissance but I still can’t target the enemy ships which appear and disappear. Otherwise this mission would be a walkover.

How can I target the cruiser and 3 destroyers?!?

Lure them all out and capture them. Easy. Just wait until the cloaks disengage and snatch them up… Oh. Use a single fighter to lure them all out. Then keep them all moving and swing the entire convoy around to the back of your mothership. Catch them there. You’ll have to keep the fighter moving and don’t let the enemy destroy it. You’ll get the hang of it once you see what’s going on. Don’t be afraid of them. They’re all way to busy trying to destroy that fighter you sent in to lure them out.

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Thanks, I’ll try the fighter luring trick. I’ll have to bring my carrier with interceptor squadron in from far back, guarding my mothership.

How long until the cloaking generators escorting the cruiser and 3 destroyers deactivates and I can target the enemy ships?

Also if I send a proximity sensor and it senses the cloaking generators, does that deactivate them l and make them targetable?

Don’t rely on probes. It’s simple. The enemy fleet will ignore your fleet as long as you have the decoy fighter alive. You won’t need cloak gens or prox sensors. The cloak only lasts for about 3 minutes at a time so capture is relatively simple. If you miss the first time, try again. If it seems like you can’t capture the cruiser/destroyer because of the cloak, try capturing the cloaks first, then go for the cap ships. It’s really very simple.

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