Mission 9 (Sea of Lost Souls AKA Ghost Ship) Dynamic Difficulty Scaling

I’m really not sure that you want Dynamic Difficulty Scaling on this mission…

As you can imagine, it took me a few retries to do it, but when I did…

37 assault frigates total in my fleet now.

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That’s… weird. That mission essentially had no scaling. With the changes to assault frigates, I can see how that would be… difficult. But thanks for the heads up, I’ll be sure to budget for some replacement bombers when I get there because judging by the way scaling’s been treating me so far, I’m gonna need 'em. Yeowch.

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This is terrible. Did they even play the missions after they were done with the game?
I really hope modding will be enabled soon. First thing I’ll be doing is removing all this ridiculous scaling. If at all possible.

You know I’ve been asking myself that question Gotcha (“did they even play the missions…”) and I would wager that they probably did not. I’m guessing that the testing they did do was focused almost exclusively on the multiplayer experience. No small bit of work I’m sure, but it probably is the reason why the SP experience for HW:R seems to be so, how shall we say, out of sync? I don’t know how many used to play the Homeworld multiplayer component, I never did, but I imagine Gearbox thought it would be a major part of this release - and for all I know they are quite correct.

I fear you’re right.

The missions I’ve seen so far are are mess. Nothing like the original.
I admit that I feel betrayed. I had expected a Homeworld Remastered, not a remake.
I just don’t understand why they chose HW1 vs HW2 multiplayer over a proper Homeworld 1 remaster. I don’t get it. Homeworld 1 and 2 are two entirely different games. Just merging them together like this… It’s like mixing chocolate with cheese. It doesn’t work. The combat is entirely different. :expressionless:

And even so, I’d have forgiven them if they did a proper remake, as in remake, not remaster. There are so many things that could have been improved, and they would have been aware of it if they playtested the game. It wouldn’t be the Homeworld as I know it, but at least it could have been a fun game.

You still have a lot to do, Gearbox. I hope you’ll be getting to it. :\

Heh, as crazy as the scaling is for HWR, the scaling was downright ridiculous on some of the HW2 missions before it was patched. Mission 12 used to be the worst offender- it’d send a dozen or more battlecruisers at you simultaneously if you went into the mission with a maxed-out fleet. None of the R1/R2 ships are remotely as wild powerful as the Hiigaran and Vaygr BCs, so at least there’s that small kindness.

Wasn’t mission 13 the worst offender?

So… uh… I finished the game…

I didn’t have any problems…

Not sure why you guys are…

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Better players than you are. HW2’s dynamic difficulty punished better players while HW1’s dynamic difficulty preserved roughly the same difficulty for all skill levels; with HW2 dynamic difficulty integrated into HW1’s campaign things affect you a lot more.

Well, HW1’s difficulty scale had a hard cap. For example, you could never get more than 17 multibeam frigates to spawn in mission 8, even if you had a salvaged fleet that well exceeded your build cap at that point. You could never get more than 8 ion array frigates in mission 4, or more than 5 (IIRC) assault frigates in mission 3. Once you got to the upper limit, it just stopped scaling… which meant that you could keep increasing your fleet size and reduce the difficulty level even though it was on its hardest possible setting.

HW2 had no hard cap on its scaling- at least none that it was possible for the player to reach and exceed (since unlike in HW1 there was no way to have a fleet larger than your build cap without modding or using trainers). HW2’s scaling was also exponential, so- as in the mission 12 example above- if you had about 3/4 of a full fleet, it might spawn 6 BCs to attack you, but if you brought a full fleet you’d get a dozen (which was just barely possible to defeat, if you had enough bombers and pulsars to wreck their engines before they got to the Mothership). The patch adjusted the scaling ratio so that the curve wasn’t quite as steep, but the game would still send some crazy powerful fleets after you. You could see the full effect of the unlimited scaling by modding your fleet cap- no matter how many ships you gave yourself, the CPU would always have more. It would keep right on scaling up until you exceeded your computer’s ability to render and track all the ships and crashed.

However… HW2’s difficulty scaling had a blind spot that could be exploited to artificially lower the setting. It was possible to game the system by retiring a portion of your fleet and queuing it to rebuild, then pausing the rebuilds when they were almost complete- thereby fooling the game into thinking your fleet was smaller and scaling back the difficulty. Then you could finish the mission, jump to the next, and complete the ships you had under construction and be back at full strength… whereas the CPU’s starting fleet and difficulty setting would already be fixed at the lower level.

That trick very likely works with HWR, because it obviously uses HW2’s difficulty scale rather than HW1’s.

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