Mission Accomplished

My main goal in Battleborn has been accomplished

A few days ago I managed to finally comoplete my goal of obtaining every single piece of available Legendary gear in the game. It was the main reason I even played for the past 5+ months. It was a long and very very frustrating journey of grinding, but it feels good.

shoutout to @matttgoodman for accompanying me through this journey and doing a whole bunch of OPs Mission farm runs along with the ~3 Loot boosting events that it took to accomplish this. SUCK IT!

Anybody else accomplished something cool they wanna share?


Out of curiosity, what was the last non-OP legendary item that you needed to acquire?

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Congratulations, such a great feeling to finally achieve a big goal like that!


non-OP as in not part of the 5 released each op? Or do you mean the 1 Boss drop from each OP?

i think the Doomsday Key was the last Legendary I got before only missing the new ones released each op. I hated doing the Heliophage and more so in Advance.


Congrats :sunny:

Fortunately I don’t that urge, but from selling everything I do have more than One Million credits.

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Yeah I meant the last non-operations-related one :slight_smile:

and grats :stuck_out_tongue:


Last Lootpack Legendary I got was: Nails-on-Rails Synchrolink (it was also last overall).
Last Lore Legendary I got was Beatrix, obviously.
Last Main Campaign Legendary I got was Doomsday Key.

Most Obtained Legendaries:
1.) Shadoculars
2.) Voxis Core

Campaign: Bolas’ Target Finder
Lootpack: Orbital Tracking Spike
Lore: Shard of Jennar
Ops: Squad Goals

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That is awesome. I, on the other hand, can’t find these three for the life of me :cry:

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

They aren’t even legendaries! :sob:


Nice work!

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That’s because you’re a filthy, disgusting, Deande main!

I actually need these for some Toby and Kelvin builds I’ve been meaning to try. Deande is at the bottom of my least played battleborn, right next to Boldur and Starscream.

…Sacrilege! I’ve taken Deande to level 20 on two accounts, love her.


You’re not the only one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We are the few, the proud!

Now for your next goal: find the legendaries with slightly better stats.




Believe it or not; out of 144 Legendaries all have Max Stats except for 11, 5 of which are Story Mode. :smiley:
I think that’s pretty damn good. All the Important ones are Max, and out of the 11 that aren’t only 2 are Abysmal. and about 8 are only off by less than 1%.