Mission Adjustments id like to see

Episode 1: Algorithm
Mission is pretty solid it just needs some adjustments on certain random minion waves. Namely Ronin, MX Elite and the Golems. Ronins and MX Elite Granades do way too much damage at range(Ive seen people instantly killed by elites granades with no chance to escape outa their range and ive seen crossblade spam from across the map by ronins that killed players with perfect accuracy. ) My biggets gripe is the Golems, the weak point either needs to be much larger or there needs to be one on their back. You can not understand the frustration these cause by having all your shots hit the melee party members trying to do damage instead of the small target. This applies to the bosses too.

Episode 2: Voids Edge
This mission is pretty well done, I dont think there should be much if any changes except for certain large characters getting stuck on random geometry.

Episode 3: The Renegade
Same as voids edge, I dont see alot of problems with this mission. Other than having 3 point defense portions in a row is just boring. Id reduce the wave down to two wave for the first two sections instead of 3 waves.

Episode 4: The Archive
The bane of many players existance. The wolf sentry in this mission should have the same upgrade options and healing ability as the Wolf unit in Voids Edge. Being able to shield and heal would help alot. Im also of the opinion it needs to move slightly slower. Ive seen it charge to its death straight into a group of thralls too many times. The final boss Gunhulk occasionly dosnt move to the middle when its shield is down and just teleports to another side and quickly puts a shield back up. This is just cheap and wasteful, it should at least keep its shield down for as long as normal instead of almost instaly recharging it.

Episode 5: The Sentinel
Pretty solid mission, and I consider fun. My main complaint is golem enemies. Please put a weak spot on their back as well. Its can be very very difficult with many characters to do damage to these things.

Episode 6: The Experiment
This mission has failed so many time because its got a terrible pacing. First off the main defense node NEEDS to be repairable between the first part of the mission and the last part. It keeps the health it had from the start of the match to the end that can make it almost impossible to properly defend when the waves of elite minions just start shooting it from across the map. The first wave to defend to the node is a bit too difficult in some matches and too easy in others (Whatever random element that determins the spawns needs to be adjusted). My next complaint is that you should have to activate the first defense wave after meeting Bolder instead of it activating when he gets there. This will give you much more time to explore and collect shards and boxes in the mission to better prepare you for the mission. My last complaint is the first boss, his shields need to be adjusted to be easier to deal with. As is now you can only get past them by bring certain characters to CrowdControl him out of them. Many teams ive personaly seen have failed at this part cause they cant get enough dps on him because of the characters they wanted to play as.

Episode 7: The Saboteur
Another bane of many players. This mission seems to have a problem where the final node health does not scale to number of players. Ive seen a single scaven kill it faster then you can kill it. This mission almost forces players to have to pick certain characters to beat this. Its ot helped by the Varelsi and Thrall that just shoot it from across the room. I suggest looking into increasing its health or putting a wall around the whole thing except for the front to make it not possible for scavn up on the ledges to instantly down it. I also belive theres a bug with Varelsi disrupters as their chain knockup skill is going through walls and its almost 50% larger then the animation shows.

Episode 8: The Heliophage
I belive this whole mission needs to be scrapped and completly redone. It feels like something you rushed on a weekend and never tested. Theres bugs and exploits all over this mission that need to be fixed. But ill discuss it as currently is. First off the knockback that everything has is stupid, Rendains ability to slow and silence you setting you up for knockback has got to go. The Varelsi and Thralls having infinete range with perfect accuracy from across the islands is a huge issues. Being sniped by brutes across 4 islands is bad design. All the spots Rendain gets stuck on(Mostly stairs) need to be adjusted. The level bosses should drop gear, they also need their phases fixed from being set amount of hp to being % hp. It create big problems on 5 man advanced to where they dont do any phases till 3/4 of their health is gone.

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The biggest problem I have with the Algorithm is that it starts the anti-melee trend that a lot of the story missions continue. The ISIC fight is really awkward for a melee, since he’s constantly moving and guarding his weak points, making only ranged have a good shot at doing damage to him. This isn’t even going into his second phase, where you’re bouncing around randomly and hitting him as a melee is all but impossible.

I’ve noticed that the room with the Henchman fight is really deadly. All of those ronin are a nightmare, and the boss fight itself is quite difficult at lower party sizes, depending on what characters are in play.

I’ve noticed that the Warlord Nix fight is either super-easy, or the result of several deaths. There is no in-between. I’m not sure why this is.

I’m fine with the Renegade, but I also actually kind of like the defense missions. My only complaint is the Jailer Hylis fight, which is kind of dull, especially with how much build-up he’s given during the mission itself.

I’ve actually never found this one to be that difficult, even in PUGs. If players refuse to follow Chronicle around, then he gets killed, yeah, but this is more the fault of the players hanging around to rack up kills rather than keeping with him. This is actually one of my favorite missions, given how relatively smooth the difficulty curve is.

Ugh, I hate this one. Mostly because everyone seems to vote for it, and the bosses are so dull and indistinguishable from one another. The golems are rather annoying, especially if you’re a melee. If you’re playing a short melee like Kelvin or Boldur, you end up never seeing what’s going on around you because you’re constantly having to look up to hit the golem weak point.

The difficulty is also all out of whack on this one. The first drop from the cliff is by far the hardest part of the mission, and the part most likely to result in mission failure as everyone instinctively tries to split up and ends up spawning the entire basin’s worth of enemies. After this, though, the mission is almost brain-dead easy, even on Advanced. Neither the bosses, nor any of the fights following, really pose any kind of challenge to a group that can get past that first hurdle.

The mission I have the fewest wins on, and not for lack of trying. This mission suffers from that first defense wave being the big difficulty spike. I’ve also seen teams give up if the first wave goes too badly, since the Supervisor Antem fight does almost guaranteed damage to the defense points, making having too little health after the first wave a death sentence. On the other hand, pretty much all of the other waves are extremely easy by comparison. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group manage to make it past Antem and not win the mission.

Speaking of Supervisor Antem, I honestly don’t know what the design of his boss fight is supposed to encourage. He creates a ton of anti-bullet shields. Is this meant to encourage melee to run up and stun him? Then why does he create hordes of turrets and exploding bots every time he jumps to a different location? I’ve seen melee just melt from the mass of shock turrets he creates. Much like Warlord Nix, he seems to be a fight that is either super-easy or an utter nightmare, but the mechanics of why that is aren’t being properly conveyed.

The final boss here also probably needs a look. Nine groups out of ten just steamroll him, the other one lacks the DPS to outpace his shield regen and it just becomes a boring slog.

I’m actually going to say that the second defense point on this map needs to be made harder. The terrain favors the players significantly, funneling enemies into three neat lanes while allowing ranged characters to easily lend assistance to other lanes by a lack of cover. Enemies on this one just sort of filter in slowly, and just end up getting crushed by thumper turrets and the players before they can make any significant progress to the core, unless the players are just falling asleep.

The hardest part is the final defense point, by far. I think this is a good time to talk about traps and turrets because this is the map they have the biggest impact on. Traps, especially on higher difficulties, are usually a waste of shards, since they die too quickly. Even the non-damage traps get focused by enemies and explode before they justify their presence. Turrets are much better, but I feel like they aren’t performing well with higher party sizes. You can also tell which turrets and traps are the stronger ones, because they are the ones always built. It’s always thumpers for turrets, and generally temporal (but sometimes flash) traps. The other options probably need tweaking.

A minor story complaint, but who is Foreman Grall, and why can he summon thrall ghosts? This guy is a freak of nature, but isn’t foreshadowed in the mission at all.

All of Advanced difficulty is anti-melee, but the Heliophage is much like the Algorithm in being especially so. This gets more complicated because the mission really wants you to play certain characters. I’ve seen groups fail to get through the first timed portion of the map if they lack the DPS to punch through enemies quickly enough. The Rendain fight has so many knock-backs that melee are basically pointless at that point.

I may be in the minority, but I actually like the boss rush portion. On Advanced, you have two bosses at once and have to prioritize, while dealing with both, etc. That said, some of the balance on them might need looking at. Nix especially turns into a monster for some reason. Gunhulk Bagranth ends up taking a really, really long time to cut through on Advanced, leading to a lot of just standing around while you wait for the turrets to finally lower his shields.

But, seriously. Nerf Rendain’s knock-backs. Let melee have fun, too.

Yeah, I hate those golems. It’s a shame few times in 5-people groups I just stopped shooting them because it becomes a pure waste of bullets: golems turn around and move constantly so you can’t focus on their weak spot; they get especially attracted to turrets thus keep turning their back to you; melee heroes cover golem’s weak spot; and in addition to all this “fun” they have a decent amount of HP. I rarely see the challenge “kill 5 ice golems” in The Algorithm done.

Either add another weak spot on their back or reduce their HP by 3-5 times. Making their whole body vulnerable to damage (like mini-golems Sentinel spawns) would also help but it’ll remove their distinctive feature and make them one another bullet-sponge-type of enemy.

The Experiment has issues itself? I haven’t run into any problems. I’ve failed it MAYBE twice and I’ve run it with randoms probably 28 times. The first wave is pretty easy if you just make sure you’re team is actually fighting (in my experience). I suppose it can be a bit hard at times, but that’s just because they have a horrible problem with how enemies are spawned. Enemy spawns are randomly generated (so it seems) so you can literally get only tiny little blade bots or a typhoon of Ronin.
As for the boom bots Antem spawns you can literally just quick melee them, they’ll go flying back, and explode all the other boom bots. I guess the turrets are an issue and for some reason they buffed their health a couple patches ago when they were at a great level for PvE, but as long as you keep wailing on them as a group you’ll be fine.

stand together back up as a team back up together you can literally down those in 20 seconds. the final boss the same thing barring the add phases.

The ball got dropped with story missions bigtime :frowning:

Sounds like you’re running it on normal, whereas my comments are all about advanced. If not, you’ve just been extremely lucky with your PUGs.

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Yea, since they released advanced that’s all I’ve been doing. The only times I’ve lost was when there were upwards of 9 or 10 ronin that spawned. Otherwise I’ve had no trouble. I guess I’m just lucky.

Thanks for the useless advice. :expressionless:

  1. PUGs don’t stand together, you can’t make them do this.
  2. There is no any other place in the game that require everyone of you to work together.
  3. Golems aren’t even difficult or challenging, they are just a source of annoyance and frustration - definitely not a good thing for a game.

Golem bosses, on the other hand, are OK - they are bigger, they have reasonable time-to-kill, and all players intuitively understand bosses require the use of some tactics.

you’re welcome for the “useless advice” i can get pugs to do all sorts of stuff by being polite. lemme know if that ever works for you. and i specifically meant the bosses. the mob golems are a joke.

It works great for me. But you’re still missing the point.