Mission: Beneath the Meridian [spoilers]

After Maya dies and you are back on Sanctuary you are instructed to go talk to Ava. After your little talk she says something about giving you something of Maya’s that she would want you to have…except she doesn’t give you anything. Did anyone else notice this? Is this a bug or an oversight? Just seems odd.

You get an extra reward after completing the mission: the legendary Cloud Kill SMG.

Check your equipped weapons. Completing the mission unlocks your (iirc) 3rd weapon slot. Doing the option of talking to Ava will also give you a smg upon completion. So thw game always auto_equips it into the newly unlocked slot.

Yeah, it’s just odd that the dialog with Ava indicates she gives you an item but you don’t get the item until you talk to Lilith after talking to Ava.

I thought the bonus reward was the Book of Storms trinket…

It’s the Cloud Kill legendary SMG.