Mission Bugged...Progress Stuck On The Great Vault Mission in TVHM. Any Way to Reset?

This is insane. I have ran into so many bugged quests its unreal, but most of the time if i exit the game to the main menu or exit the client out fully and restart everything works again. Not this time. After getting to the great vault on TVHM and finding Troy its stuck. He never spawns for the boss fight. In the arena i just stare at Tyreen powering Troy up. Quiting and restarting doesnt work, main menu and restarting doesnt work, verfying files doesnt work, joining a friend and quiting doesnt work.

If anyone has any suggestions I will love you forever.

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Same- I quit after beating troy- went back to sanctuary to sell loot. tried to progress through to the final fight last night- had to beat troy again but the only thing I can do is fast travel to sanctuary. Beat him 3 times tonight with the same result! I will never buy another borderlands after this problem! back to destiny 2 for me- screw this and any gearbox game! such a shame cuz I was loving this game

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Its crazy…the really need to give us the ability to reset the quest or something like WTF. Troy WONT even spawn for me. :frowning:

I had to join a friend to get a checkpoint at tyreen. beat her & it didn’t count for me but it gave me the fast travel point at her. loaded my game back up-continue game. Beat her again & it finally gave me credit. Hope this helps & if on pc hit me up & I’ll help you progress through.

I got bugged on the TVHM ı must open the gate for contact RHYS but ı cant go to the Button for open gate any ideas ?

If you can- hop on with someone who has it already. then it should give you the fast travel spot to get back there. quit their game session & go back to your session. now you should be able to progress again. worked for a different friend of mine & they were tvhm & stuck like that too. Seems to mostly be an issue where you switch from co-op to solo play when the game gets confused & messes up

Same here. I was doing the quest line and made it to Troy and Tyreen at the great vault. The host quit and now everytime I go to the great vault, it shows find Troy is checked on the right hand side of the screen, but it’s just tyreen powering Troy up and nothing else ever happening. I’ve tried multiple days now and haven’t had luck with finding someone else at this part to hopefully continue past this part. I have defeated tyreen and looted liliths chest but not completing this part is hindering me from completing the game on the 2nd run through.

I’m stuck at kill Troy too. Has anyone figured out how to fix it?