Mission bugs, Character bugs, visual bugs

I want to name Few bugs that i have encountered while playing borderlands 3.
Please name any that be could solvable and rest could be fixed with a patch in the future.

Brick becomes untalkable after a fight in the start of the (saving hamerlock) mission what leads to soft lock.
Simple solution is to restart but its a bug anyway.
This was encountered while playing with my friend.

(Talk screen and Countdown clock at the bottom right)
Usually when you receive a voiceline from tyrenee or somebody else that is not close to you, there appears a pop mini image of the person talking you next to your mini map. Some odd reason on some sudden voicelines, the image doesn’t appear. This is super minor but odd at least.

(Countdown clock) whenever you are in a multiplayer match, you always get the clock or countdown at the bottom right that indicates that you are about to be teleported to another location.
For some odd reason, most of the time it doesn’t work and makes me little bit paranoid that when you are about to be teleported. of course there is the tic toc sound but objects and skill cooldown kinda share the same noise.

(AI Balex)
Balex for some reason went under the ground when he was trying to hack a terminal or computer what leaded to soft lock.

(cistern of slaughter) UPDATE MORE BUGS
There is medium to High possibility for a rakk to fly out of map or the area of the cistern of slaughter, what leads to killing yourself and starting all the rounds again. (bloated rakks seem to wonder more then others)
There is a sound Loop of either dead enemies or sound of a explosion or a gun looping endlessly

( Capture the Frag)
when you are about to drop the bomb on the [Troy Calypso] camp, if you have Fl4k pet killing any enemies before you reaching the entrens than the mission will soft lock because some of the enemies were already killed and the game bugs out.

( Ascension Bluff)
if you manage to do the mission without opening the door by shooting the target (i did it by accidentally) than ellie will be stuck on saying (shoot the target after some seconds)

There are rare moments where enemies either dont come out from their spawn, now this is really rare and doesn’t happen often.

Pss. I wish there was ping meter option to show how much latency you have.
If you have latency: your bullets shoot late and will miss, your one wheel bike will go uncontrollably left and right, your other vehicles will show odd activities on control and game will stop on it self for 5 seconds randomly.

My english isn’t the best but i want to tell some of the problems that i have experienced and maybe help the game on some issues.