Mission Filter? Missing Missions

I have a vauge, drunken memory of flipping a switch in first play through, telling a mission to hide.

I can’t see or pickup any Dynasty Dash missions. Eden-6 or Pandora. They are not listed as done in the mission log. They are not available for pickup at the boards.

Did I hide them? I can not get Devil’s Razor to 100%, I am stuck at 8/9 on mission completion. Can a filter be turned off some how?

Did you do the “Discover proving ground” from there? Otherwise I think you can just go to the location where the Dynasty Diner sign spinner is and grab the mission again. One is in Resolution, the other just outside the lower section of Rolands Rest(?) (or whatever it is).

I can not grab the mission again. I have never done it. It is not available. I only know it exists because I looked it up. There is no quest !, the sign spinner is not present. I can not see the mission to pick it up.

If you toggle the sort order in the quests panel of your echo device, are the missing quests showing there?