Mission "From the Ground UP" - STUCK

I’m stuck on mission From the Ground Up, after killing Shiv and going with lilith to his room, there’s an objective “Watch monitor”, there’s nothing on monitor and nothing happens. Tried restarting the game and it’s stuck all the time, tried going around the room, talking the lilith, nothing works.

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Same thing - I’ve even created a new character and watched the monitors from as soon as Lilith entered the room. The sound file played but I’m still stuck on the same progress to “watch the monitors”… frustrating…

Same here cant play my game even try all 4 diffrent char’s get the same think cant get it to work :frowning:

Same here…

I am also having this same problem I swore it was me doing something wrong? Are we wrong or are there many more people having this problem.

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I followed a guide that says to watch them as soon as you enter. Since the quest marker is over the large one on the table, I stood by Lilith and had that monitor in my marker the entire time. She tapped the keyboard, sound played about the guys finding the map, and we stood there for three minutes before I got sad.

Someone on Reddit suggested to find matchmaking game where someone is already past this point,do some mission and leave for single players…went to do that and it DID WORK…i am not sure how much i jumped forward and what i missed,which is bothering me,but at least i can progress…

i got the same problem.
i joined someone using matchmaking but i skipped half the quest, so i didnt realy know what happend in between.

it’s some problem with all the TVs in-game - later on in missions like Cult Following after killing Mouthpiece nothing plays on screen either.

And now I’m stuck on Cult Following, after the sisters hologram ends nothing happens and there is NO objective. I’m going to sleep, hope they will fix it as I can’t progress, even after restarting the game.


I did this and it got me past it thanks.

I had the same bug, passed it via matchmaking but I am now stuck right after mouthpiece for the exact same reason. please help!

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Sad to say this guys,but as i played i got the the point where you kill some disco boss and after that there is another objective bug, its mission Cult Following and I again got stuck with empty objective where i was supposed to get “Talk to Lilith” but didnt…

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same problem here, just in step to refund!

I been doing stuff and I am just now realizing that my Cult Following Mission is empty.

Someone said in another thread that installing Media Feature Pack for windows fixes the problem. I’m trying it now and will let you know.
Here is the download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/mediafeaturepack


Ok, Media Feature Pack fixed the problem with Watch Monitor. Also we can see now the intro movies when you start the game (gearbox logo etc) and also lilith face when she’s talking in our mind.

BUT there’s a problem - I already have the empty “Cult Following” objective and it’s stuck there. Is there any way to reset mission objective?

You are the best how did you figure it out? as to your problem, join a multiplayer game who has not done the quest yet do it with them and it should tick for you as well on your solo

I also got stuck on the Cult Following and last night, said ■■■■ it and went to bed. Instead of using the multiplayer to skip more content, I’m installing the mediapack and I guess I’ll roll a new character.

I expected some launch glitches to work through =D. At least I’ve not had any of the other issues (crashing / performance) and the gun play is great.

You are awesome,thank you very much for sharing this… It worked like a charm…
I am not inclined to throw away those few hours of gameplay i did in the night with my first char,so i will wait for my friend to get to same point and join him like 3441509 suggested. Should work.

Wow really?! I am gonna install this now using Parsec from my phone lol

Update: I am in the US not sure if I just can’t find the one for me but it wont let me install the Media Pack. I don’t have an “N” version of Windows and it seems to only be for “N” versions. So I am still having the issue on borderlands and can’t install the Media Pack.