Mission Item Bugged In-game

I have a mission in Conrad’s Hold. Wildlife Conservation. One of the mission items in the cave ended up on a ledge and I cannot get to it. Since there is no way, that I know of, to delete or restart a mission. What do I do???

Please and thanks!

Not a mission item, just an echo log.
The dynamite is just really well hidden in that area.

lol. I can see it on a ledge. I need 4 or 5 to get the cart to blow the door. thanks for your response but I am not mistaken in what I posted…

It’s an echo log. I made the same mistake you did the first time.

Check behind every pillar, in every minecart and smash any barrels and crates you can inside the mine.

its not an echo log. it’s dynamite. I’m looking right at it. It’s on a ledge. 4/5

You came in from a rail track. You see an opening to your left with a blue beam.

Unless they’ve changed it since I tried to get it when I did that mission, it’s a Krieg echo log.


i’m not sure what you are referring too. I am LOOKING at the item i need in order to advance to the next part of the quest. It is NOT an echo log. really?

I have to collect 5 pieces of dynamite. One of them is on a ledge and I can’t get to it. Why are you telling me different? Are you trolling me?

However, is one of them bugged? Players have reported that one of the dynamite stacks appears to spawn at the top of an unclimbable rock formation. We can confirm that the Borderlands 3 Wildlife Conservation mission is not bugged and the object at the top of the ledge is actually an ECHO log . Ignore it for now.

Here are the actual dynamite locations to complete/continue the mission:

    1. Right at the start, near the door.
    1. Opposite the mine cart track, behind some barrels.
    1. In the northern part of the caves, on top of a box.
    1. In the northeastern part of the caves, by a door
    1. Here’s the one you’re probably missing. It’s hidden behind a steel support beam, beyond a few rocks you’ll have to climb and crouch through.

From the link I posted earlier. It has a picture of the dynamite there.

Post a screenshot of your dynamite if you want. But even the link supports that it’s an echo log.

The item up on the cliff is an echo log, the moderator isn’t trolling you, I also made the same mistake.

So… did you find it?

Sounds like that last dynamite has trolled everyone :joy: it happened to me too, if you are facing the door you need to enter, take a right turn and behind the second pillar you encounter its behind it, I can guarentee you its there

I wonder if he’s still looking for it. He never got back to us.

Rumour has it he went insane, he just walks the land screaming " It’s not an echo log " and scaring the locals