Mission lists, echo logs annoyingly bugged

Hey there,

I have an issue in my game since day 1 basically, on my main Fl4k (that’s why it’s bothering me so much).

In the inventory where we can scroll through missions, echo logs, typhoon logs… whenever I scroll down the list to select a mission or listen to a log or check what echoes I might be missing in a new dlc…it just randomly jumps back up to the top again.
scroll down - scroll down - scroll down - jump to top - scroll down - over and over again and never really reach the bottom

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, I have never seen it addressed but it’s REALLY annoying, so maybe Gearbox could have a look into it for future patches.

In general an option to sort echo logs in some ways would be sweet too, although that probably won’t help with the scrolling problem I have.

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Yeah I have the same on PS4, it’s in game since Day1.
You may want to submit official ticket https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for the answer, at least I’m not the only one. Pretty sure I’ve submitted a ticket long ago, but I mostly get the standard answers back, and since it’s nothing I can fix but they would have to I thought maybe chances are better to bring it to their attention here in the forums. But I’ll try a ticket again.

There is - or at least was - a way to prevent the jump-back (haven’t checked recently). Scroll down and select something lower on the list, then keep scrolling down from there; rinse and repeat. Annoying that you need to do that still.

This trick I used for the mission selection, but it never worked for the echo logs for me, it just played the echo log and still jumped back up.

You should be able to keep scrolling while the selected echo plays? Just hit another one before it ends.

Will try, thanks

Unfortunately doesn’t work for me :weary:

And as expected the answer for the ticket i wrote was to clear my cache (as if I hadn’t done that dozens of times within the last year) or to uninstall the game - which I certainly won’t, since a friend just did that and lost all his cosmetics and guardian ranks.