Mission log - sort by region CTD

This just started yesterday (Co-op w/wife, both level 34). Got the mouthpiece mission from Ellie on Sanctuary III and opened missions, pressed “R” to sort by region & crashed to desktop. Now every time I try to sort I CTD.

Even reset controls to default, still CTD.

*Will now verify install and update.
** Update: Verify finished, reset to default controls, scrolled the mission list a bit and was able to sort by Region once. Exited and reset controls to what have been using since starting, e.g. “Q” for Action skill, “C” for melee and Mouse 3 for Slide. Scrolled down the mission list and pressed “R” to sort and CTD again.
I’m sad now… :frowning:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 w/GTX1060 & game runs very nice at high settings.