Mission Map AI Patrol fun

Oh boy this has been fun!

I am looking forward to everyone trying to kill my AI patrols. They are evasive! I have a patrol in the map sending just enough units to harass the player at different “key” locations on the map. But as a secondary Objective the player can try to seek out and destroy the Patrol. I have been trying to do so myself in my own map… just when I think I am about to get him he cloaks and changes paths! But not before he launches units after me. grrrr!

I did stumble across him with once with a BC… got off a few shots and then he vanished smoking. I was lucky enough to see him launch units shortly after and found him with probe before he made another course correction(not even I know where he decides to go), MUAHAHAHA!

Note: Killing the patrol is not vital to mission success… just something for the player that wants to go beyond his/her patriot duty!

My Patrol AI code:


Hmm… this is for campaign only, right?

This is an awesome idea!


I am trying to let the AI do as much as they can but in the spirit of making them more “Human Like” I am adding some enhancements.

Like, if under attack from the human, Cloak and dock your collectors. Otherwise harvest. And lets keep an on going Assault Frigate on guard.

First attempt I had a mistake and my Carrier kept pooping assault frigates every 5 seconds… I have a picture of that that but it is at home, LOL. Got it working now.

Now time to change so that these functions can be used by every Harvesting carrier in the game… YAY!