Mission Map - Custom Scenes, AI use of Cloak Hyperspace Gates random attack paths, and some fun Objectives

I am getting close to opening up a Mission Map I have been steadily working on for the past 3 months. I have added some unique RTS objectives to the mission as well as a few in game cut scenes.

I plan to switch the Workshop Project on Steam from Private to Friend for some testing before I open to the world. Testing of coding errors; and testing play-ability from different skill levels.

If any of the MODDERS would like to take a stab at it, send me a Steam friend request.

Specific to MODDERS, the following below are a few items I have not been able to solve along the way that I think would be sweet for Mission Maps. If you have any solutions or ideas for any of these issues, please let me know so I can try to integrate them into the Mission map for better player experiences.

SOLVED 1) LUA way of toggling tactical overlay so the player can experience in game cut scenes without overlays and then set the player back to their preferred overlay choice when a scene is done.

  1. Play WEBM scenes for custom maps.

  2. Display graphics in the ATI for scenes.

  3. Query the amount of time the player is in pause.

P.S. Check this video below of some clips. We have added several in game scenes, new objective types, and some custom AI code for warp gates, cloak, and patrols.



You still call it Return to Gehenna and keep the dark background. I know you might find it a stupid nitpicking, but lore breaking is a big immersion breaker to me. If you like the map visuals, you can alawys just rename, but this is an Outer rim view with the galaxy and Gehenna is a couple tens of thousands light years away.

Anyway, this is one of the most epic things in the modding scene.

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I may change the name for the final release. I need to move some asteroids around anyway for the final objective (working on code for it now). That way it can be its own piece of space. hehe

Thanks Pouk!

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aka NIS - Non-interactive sequence -
; ]

I’ll have another try in the weekend and provide feedback.

Sounds great. A lot has been added since your last play. :slight_smile:

I think HW2_Letterbox(x) does this… That is how I set up cutscenes in the Taiidan Republic mission.

It does not shut off the tactical overlays. I tried just about every function there is.

Nevertheless Dom2 did also make cutscenes.

MainUI_UserEvent(eTacticalOverlay) should cycle through all tactical overlay modes.

The problem is that I don’t see how you could :

  1. know the current tactival mode which is activated, to know how many time you need to use this function
  2. know how many time to use this function to come back the previous mode used by the user

He has it at the very beginning of the mission, it would work.

Exactly, I would need some way to query what they are currently on and right now I don’t know how. :frowning:

As it is I have a message in the mission that tells the player to turn it off before the scene, but that is certainly not optimal!

that depends, if the player by default has their set to off, it would not. I could assume most players have it on… i will try it.

I tried, the MainUI_UserEvent(eTacticalOverlay) has a “nil” value.

test = MainUI_UserEvent(eTacticalOverlay)

TO always starts the same way. At the beginning of each map I have to press Tab once every time.

EDIT : if this is used in the beginning of the mission, you shouldn’t need the following

I though of that. But if the player manually change it during the game with the TAB key, it would break your count.
And I’m not sure if adding some code in the keybinding.lua under file would help, because the code could execute in a different scope than in your mission script, and you would lose the current “status”

{ 48, eTacticalOverlay, INKE_KeyDown, 0,"$5346", {TABKEY } },

could be replaced by something like that :
{ 48, [[MainUI_UserEvent(eTacticalOverlay) additionnalcode]], INKE_KeyDown, 0,"$5346", {TABKEY } },

I’ve told you his cutscene is the very first thing in the mission.

It simulates what is done when you use the TAB key.
You must use it in your code, just before you start your animation (and after it to “reset” it)

(or did I misunderstood you post ?)

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t see your post before I posted mine :confused:

right, what i am saying is I added it to before the scene and it did not cycle the overlay. I will try again after work. :frowning:
This is the code I added to my LUA just before scene


I did not see it change the overlay.

I will try again tonight in another location.

Could you try replacing it with MainUI_UserEvent( eResearchManager) before the launch of your custom scene please ?

It’s just to test what’s the problem.
If the research menu doesn’t open, it means that the command can’t be called in this scope, at least not written like that (in which file are you calling it ? Is it in the events table ?).
If the research menu opens, it means that the way I’ve written it for the tactical overlay is wrong.