Mission One Salvage Corvette

After the corvette brings the drone back yo the Mothership, what should I do? AS is, the mission just sets.

Jim Cobb

Did you build a research ship?
Did you research fighter chassis?
Did you harvest the asteroids?
Did you do the formation, and tactics trials?
Did you click the big Hyperspace button in the middle of the screen? (just asking)

I had the same problem.

Solution: Recycle my old Salvage Corvette, and build both a new Salvage Corvette and a new Probe. That seemed to trigger something that, clearly, hadn’t been tripped when the Probe was captured.

I built a research ship but didn’t research a thing. What’s the key or button for “Recycle”? I did one harvest trip. I’ll do more. Thank heavens for saved games!

Sorry, ‘Delete’ or ‘Retire’ is probably the right term. It should be in the salvage corvettes bottom right hand menu.