Mission progress gone after switching from Coop to SP

Heyho guys,
it’s my first time here in this forum, but i hope you can help me with my problem.

Searches on Google didn’t help so far.

I’m playing BL2 on PS3 (GOTY Edition, not important information) and started with my girlfriend in coop/splitscreen. The progress is saved on her PS3 account (“host”) and i created a seperate PS3 account for my characters.
Now we reached TVHM and did some missions there.

Yesterday i logged in with my PS3 Account and tried to soloplay my character and realized that he is still in
Normal-Mode and lost the mission progress. It says that i have to travel to the first mission (where Claptrap founds you) BUT i can’t enter Hammerlocks base (in Southern Shelf, i think its called) because the door is closed and im outside. Furthermore i read in some posts that the other doors, which normally get opened by Claptrap will be closed too.

Is there a way to reach the beginning of the game/story without a character reset?
Hope guys you can help me to understand this progression system.

I would rush the missions again, if i could. A popup that asked for the missionprogress didn’t appear.

Thanks so far!

P.S: Asked the question elsewhere too, but got no answer till now.

Not sure what’s going on. If you are in Liar’s Berg at the fast travel, you should be able to FT directly into Claptrap’s Place. If you’re outside on the map “Windshear Waste” then you will be at the mission start, and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t get the cut-scene.

Couple of questions:

  1. When you load your character (hit the character select button on your controller), do you see both Normal and True modes available or only one?

  2. Which mode are you attempting to play in solo - normal or true?

Edit: Also occurs to me that Claptrap may be waiting for you at a specific location - he does that several times during the course of the missions in Southern Shelf. Check your map to see where the way-point is located, and go over there.

Thanks fpr the help/tipps VaultHunter101!

I’ll try to explain it more clearly:
Normally if you start from the beginning Claptrap founds you, you have to kill the big Bullymong which stole Claptraps eye and after some checkpoints you’ll reach Hammerlock in his base (that is sieged by Bandits) to repair Claptraps eye.
Hammerlock gives you 1-2 storymissions and then Claptrap opens a gate to open the way to BoomBoom (and Bewm).

What happens was: [Player A = my girlfriend; Player B = me]

  1. In coop we save and quit in “Tundra Express [TVHM]”. (Player A: host)
  2. I logged in with my PSN account. (Player B: host)
  3. I spawned in “Tundra Express [normal Mode]”.
  4. I realized that my missionlog on the right side shows a DLC mission.
  5. I followed the mark on the map ended in “Southern Shelf” and fall in the water because the ship which normally is there disappeared.
  6. I followed the way to “Liar’s Berg” but can’t enter Hammerlocks Base because the gate is closed (which in normal playthrough would be opened by Claptrap)

Here i am and can’t follow the waypoints anymore because of that situation.

to your questions:

  1. Have to check it tommorow, will post it here.
  2. At the moment i only can play normal mode if SP. Wanted to clear some missions in normal so that my progress is finished.


OK, I suggest you try to get back to Windshear Wastes and Claptrap’s place. If you can’t use a FT station to get there, but can get to Southern Shelf, head away from Liar’s Berg back towards the map transition to Windshear Wastes. You should be able to work your way up the ice/cliffs (the path is up the left side as you face it) then head back to where you meet Knuckledragger.

If none of this works I have one more suggestion: have your GF sign in first and start a new character. Join her with your current character before she starts the actual game, and continue through the first part of the story mission at least as far as Liar’s Berg. Make sure you both save and quit out properly (I usually like to make sure the second player quits out first rather than the host.)

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Thanks a lot VaultHunter101!

Your second idea solved my problem.
My GF hosted a game with a fresh charakter and we save and quit. Then Claptrap found me and the mission progress temporarly ran normal. In Sanctuary the PopUp with the “Skip solved missions”-Text showed up and after i clicked yes a chunk of missions got skipped. Now i was at the point where i have to recruite Brick and after this mission i solved the complete NVHM.

Strange that some missions got saved and some not but now i’m fine and TVHM in SP! Yiha!



Just for future reference @killakom.

You can essentially play any mission at any time (you can literally be a level 5 in a level 30 mission and have it “resolved” if the person does it for you, allowing you to skip it at a later date.

The game will still force you to play through to that mission though, and this also includes objectives.

This happened to the Missus and I during the mission; “Don’t Copy that Floppy”.

Don’t worry though, you could essentially play 90% of the game on some one elses file, while skipping liar’s berg, and fly through Liar’s Berg to almost endgame.