Mission reset and takedowns

I have now finished the main story on both normal mode and TVHM, I am level 65 and playing on mayham 11. I am now considering reseting missions and starting the main story again with this character. However, I like to play a takedown from time to time so I am wondering, if I reset mission on TVHM will I still be able to play takedowns?

I read on various sites that you cannot play takedowns on TVHM after mission reset but you can still play them on normal mode where the mayhem leveles are the same as on TVHM. Is this true? If I play a takedown on normal mode on mayhem 11 will it be the same as playing on TVHM mayhem 11 and are takedowns on normal mode mayhem 11 in the same matchmaking pool as takendowns on TVHM mayhem 11?

Thanks in advance for any relevant answers.

Yes, Mayhem mode takes away any differences between TVHM and NVHM. If you reset TVHM you’ll have to go to NVHM to play the takedowns, and there will be no difference.

One caveat about resetting TVHM that I wish they’d fix is that it will not reset the crew challenges. Just the story and side missions as well as the DLC.


I don’t know why the takedowns and slaughter circles don’t have their own menus so you can access them at any time.


IMHO the whole reset option is a piece of crap…

GBX doesn’t like options it seems…


I really cannot even imagine the reason it apparently is so difficult to program the option for repeatable side missions or even story missions (once you have completed them). There must be some massively complicated programming reason that this option doesn’t already exist, because lord knows the community has been begging for this feature since BL1, but I cannot imagine what that reason might be.

And while we’re at it: please for the love of all what people love, put in the option to create max level characters!
Maybe put in an unlock mechanic: level one of each classes to max level let’s us create unlimited max level chars of that class.
I hate to go through all that just to run another build for the same class.
PC players get this. Even if Gbx don’t want them to, they can do it regardless. Please!
I’d be so into a crap load of builds if the was possible!