Mission restart every time i loss an objective

So is it just me or do you actually have to restart the whole mission if you fail one objective? Or is there something more to those touch pads on the ground around the checkpoint? I find it a bit stupid if you have to restart the whole mission if you fail the last objective because you are swarmed by adds.

Death just lets you respawn but failing some crucial parts does fail an entire mission.

That is dumb AF on normal difficulty. I could understand if it were on hardcore or something of the like, but that’s just dumb.

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Sorry you feel that way, once you get the missions down they only take about 20 mins each and you get better at protecting what you need to protect.

Are you talking about the Archive mission?

Yeah and the mission for the robot dude.

Some of the missions on Advanced with 5 people spawn a large amount of enemies with ranged attacks and grenades, they can often burst the sentinel down in seconds. 3 people felt like optimal difficulty but 5 was a nightmare

Trying to complete these later defense missions on solo is starting to make me wish for the sweet, sweet release of death.

As somebody who plays with randoms, I’m finding completing certain missions on the ‘normal’ mode to be all but impossible.

Like I really don’t want to be vulgar but Antem can go do himself in the ass :joy: I didn’t have any trouble with the earlier missions, but suddenly I can’t proceed! I wasn’t expecting the difficulty to go this insane…

Sure would have been nice to have at least 2 evenly spaced saves to reduce the tedium of having to grind through the whole story mission. Makes solo play a whole lot harder.

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