Mission Reward Suggestion


That has become the near constant experience at the end of campaign missions. Battling your way through the levels, confronting and conquering the boss, only to be rewarded with a pile of common items and maybe a rare+.

Now, I could join the chorus of players complaining about boss drops and loot quality in advanced missions, or how the difference between loot in normal vs advanced is negligible at best. However that isn’t the purpose of my post.

This is about the overall experience of completing mission after mission only to be constantly rewarded with disappointment. Because of that, I began thinking about ways to improve the victory experience of completing a mission. Than it dawned on me, there weren’t any actual mission rewards. Just the garbage drops we acquire throughout the level. So, I thought about what would be reasonable rewards for mission completions.

My conclusion was loot packs relative to faction and difficulty. For example, after completing Algorithm on normal you could be rewarded with an LLC pack. Normal hardcore could give an LLC pack & a chance for an uncommon or greater pack. Advanced could be an LLC command pack with hardcore giving an LLC command & a chance for a rare or greater pack. Bonus packs having reduced chances for higher qualitys.

Obviously this is just a suggestion, but I personally think it’s a good baseline to consider for mission rewards. Sure, there’s still a chance you walk away with nothing useful, but at the very least it gives you something to look forward to even if you get screwed during the mission. Which would improve the overall experience in my opinion.

Just something to consider while your thinking about ways to improve the Battleborn experience.

(This post is just my personal opinion and is not intended to be construed as speaking for the community as a whole)

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Totally agree with the post. They included loot, they should make people happy after the grind as you say.

I think it would be nice to have a Loot Pack based on the character you play. And if all goals are achieved in the mission then a bonus package depending on Bronze, Silver or Gold status.

The loot system defo needs a damn good upgrade. After the CTT they listened, and the system changed. So hopefully they’ll take all this on board and make some nice changes for us.


that would give some pretty decent incentive to play story occasionally

You get credits for missions. You buy any faction packs you want for these credits.

If you want a faction pack after each mission it is just equal to increasing the reward by 2-3 times. But without a choice. What if I need Eldrid packs but hate Archive/Experiment? Why don’t just ask to pump up the reward? I think I know why))

I wouldn’t be opposed to making the loot scale (if it’s not already) easier to find a better version of an item (say, a white with higher stats) in advanced hardcore, having it scale down to worse version of items in regular. That is, if you want to get a better version of a certain random drop then you could play the higher difficulties to get it. You might even bracket it. I would legit try adv hardcore if that were the case, because regular items are my bread and butter still. It’d also give people more to hunt for than just legendaries (and find/open all the chests every match! Usually I feel like I’m the only one searching for chests and actually destroying breakables for the score - because even if I already have gold, I’m conscious the other players might not- and I’d totally support a high score board so we could be a little competitive about score ;)).

Want a better rare to replace the lower stat version you use already? Better play a harder version!
I’d even go so far as to say to lock certain stat ranges (so RNG can’t give some poor people the worst version of items on anything but normal). That is, even if you don’t get the best version of an item you wanted from adv, it’s still guaranteed to be better than what you got back on normal.