Mission Reward Summarized

Hey Guys,

After playing PvE online and private for many hours, playing every mission at least 8 times on solo Normal and 5 player normal.
These are the overall rewards of these missions.
It could benefit you if you want to find drop rate or easiest mission to farm etcetera.

Im still trying to get more information on difference in drop rate between normal/hardcore/advanced.
For now, normal seems to drop more loot, but advanced seems to drop higher rated (epic) loot.
Hardcore grants not a single bonus to drop rate or xp or credits…

(Extra edit: Yes i know some of the gear drops add up exactly to a round number, but im no expert in Excel so im not entirely sure how it decides how many decimals are used… im sorry for that…)

Every mission has been completed anywhere between 8 - 16 times to get results.
Algorithm the most times, heliophage the least.

Here are the differences between Story mode difficulties:

Number of plays on Normal = 72
Number of plays on Normal/Hardcore = 48
Number of plays on Advanced = 51

Advanced hardcore is a tad to difficult to get a good list of stats just yet.
Will try and upload once i get more stats going.

Hope this helps,

(GT: Tim JC Estrello)
if you feel like helping me with a good team, please do add me :smiley:

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I’m not sure how useful some of this info is. Too small of a size sample to get an accurate idea of loot rates, as obviously noted by the 0.00 Legendary drop rate on all but 2 missions.

And you’re probably including XP and Credits from challenges, are you not? Many of which are single time affairs and won’t trigger the next time you play that stage. Some of these missions you may have happened to get several challenges completed whereas others you got less, affecting the average per minute.

So, basically completion time seems to be the only hard data I’m seeing here?

Legendaries i found were:
2x Firmware upgrade 1.51C
2x Henchman wrench
2x blissbeast skull plate

So yes i found only 6 legendaries in the 200 missions or so i played…
So the loot rate is accurate unfortunately.

I don’t include XP from challenges, same goes for credits (both command challenges as in game challenges). Those are the raw numbers i got.
The only thing that changes is the amount you pick up from bosses and chest.

Loot drops from gear, after looking in excel, are trustworthy on the decimals.
most of the mission were done by a multiple of 2 or 5 making the decimals .00 legit.

That’s exactly means it’s inaccurate.

Also - 657 credits average from Algorithm? That must have include challenges.