Mission scripters wanted

I’m looking for a couple folks to add a bit of life to the missions I’m creating for HWRM in the form of small encounters, engagements and surprises for the player. Story writers are welcome too I guess, but you probably won’t have much to do…
Mission creators will be working exclusively with Homeworld2’s strange variation of Lua script, rather than any of the Homeworld editors due to the restrictions of the mod.

Bring your enthusiasm, and some level of creativity.

If you’re not familiar with any programming/scripting languages, feel free to contact me but I probably don’t have enough time to walk you through programming 101. If you’ve done programming before but aren’t all that familiar with HW2s Lua/mission formats I can probably manage to tutor you through that, should you be prepared to write missions in a cooperative fashion.

You can either post here or contact me via private message if you’re interested in helping with a small scale but unique mod.