Mission Select Screen Bug

Anyone else have a problem with the mission select screen jumping back to the story mission? As im trying to look through my side missions whether unfiltered or not it continually jumps back to the story mission. To the point where i cant even find the name of the side mission im trying to find because its happening so quick, even if i manage to choose the correct side mission it actually selects the main story mission again… is this happening to anyone else?

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@joesewell504 I too have been experiencing this issue on PC, but it doesn’t occur more than once. It’d be nice to know how many other Vault Hunters are experiencing this issue.

EDIT: Added platform to post.

That’s all three platforms…

Same thing on XB1 - you can’t just move the highlight to read the mission text, you actually have to make it the active mission or it snaps back. And it’s done this to me repeatedly.