Mission skip not working

Hi, Mr. tech supp.

I recently finished TVHM with some friends, started UVHM to farm Uranus. The thing is, the progress didn’t go correctly and I started at the very beginning of TVHM. I finished the first mission and went asked if wanted do skip foward, I pressed yes. But instead of actually counting every quest I made, I loaded back where I was and at the same early quest. I tried doing quests (side and main) with a friend and it didn’t fixed it. Please help cause i’m not very willing to complete TVHM again…

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Do you remember which main story mission you had active when you joined the co-op session with your friends where you completed TVHM?

The skip function should only skip those main story missions you’ve completed in the current mode but in other sessions.

If you’d joined your friends part-way through TVHM you’d still have to complete the earlier missions until you caught up to the one you completed in co-op first. When you do that, you’ll get the option to skip forward again.

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The very first. I joined right after they killed Knuckledragger.

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That means you were missing some of the very initial stuff, anyway - TVHM starts you right out at the wastes again. Check the main story mission in your quest log (first tab in your inventory) - that should give you a clue about what you need to complete before you can skip the rest of the content you’ve already completed.

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I don’t know if this is supposed to happen, but every side quest I made so far don’t show up at the quest log. As soon as I arrive at the point where they’re supposed to be available, they show up as completed in the quest log.

My guess is that the person who’s game you joined had pre-accepted a lot of side quests. That might mean that they’re logged as both undiscovered and completed at the same time… I would just press through the main story at this point to catch up to where you need to be to fast forward again?