Mission stuck after closing application during a cut scene

Im on my 6th play through of the game (TVHM Moze) and the cutscenes are beyond annoying for me. Last night I coundn’t be ■■■■■■ to sit through another so I closed the application and went to sleep. Today when I hopped back on the cutscene played like normal, but afterwards nothing happened. Npcs weren’t talking and there was no objective on my screen, just the mission name. Ive tried Leaving the area, save quitting, switching VHs, nothing worked.

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If it was a story mission bud a TVHM reset might be needed :nauseated_face:

I have had a few (thankfully side missions) that did this or sim bugs and they remained bugged the entire playthrough but were completeable again in TVHM.

I hope your not too far in and lets pray thet give a cutscene skip option for us multi playthrough types, its super annoying.

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Lol I was literally just about to kill tyreen. Sucks for me, atleast im still having fun with the game so it wont be too painful

Yeah saw you say 6th play and I figured you prob just story dashing and leaving side stuff to do on mh3 for annointed quest rewards :money_mouth_face:

Sorry so close to the end, but at least your still having fun!

EDIT I actually got an awesome Mendel’s annointed shield for Fl4k doing this.

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