Mission Weapons disappearing when not turning them in

I thought I’d be very smart by not turning the mission in where the guy that sells you weapons shows you the elemental stuff. I played with the corrosive weapon for a while then restarted the game. The weapon was gone afterwards. Then I did it with the slag weapon. But again, after restarting the weapon was gone. I am now afraid to pick up the Grog Nozzle because I only have one chance there. Is this a bug or is it normal? Idk if this is important but I played Koop and I was the host. I also never dropped the weapon.
Thank you for your help!

Edit: With restart I meant quitting and saving (not resetting my playthrough)

If you reset your game (so that you are back at the start of the story), then you will lose your grog nozzle.
If you are just quitting and saving (not resetting your playthrough to the beginning of the story), then you will not lose your grog nozzle.

You say you were host, but were you the one who accepted the mission? I’m not sure if it makes a difference but it might.

Restarted the game as in Fresh New Start? or you Saved & Quit and just started from where you left off?

as CommonFefence says, as long as it’s quit & Save (and the mission don’t get turned in) you’ll be able to keep the Grog

With restart I meant quitting and saving (not resetting my playthrough)

Had you used the weapon on the test dummy at all? Doing that automatically checks the mission objective off and advances to quest turn in, meaning that the weapon is no longer required. That might be why it disappeared after a save-quit-restart.

With the Grog, once you have the mission item, simply abandon the quest entirely. As the others have posted, you’ll have that Grog in that mode every time you save-quit-restart (it just might have slightly different parts - I don’t think it’s part-locked?)

Okay, thats probably what happened. My mission status was on “Turn in” so i didn’t need the weapon anymore. Thank you for your help.

Nope, grip, scope and accessory are all randomized everytime. I truly wish it was just hard locked on blade :smiley:

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