Mission won't progress on Xbox One [spoilers]

So I’m on Eden-6 and on the Guns of Reliance mission. It says to follow Clay but he doesnt move at all. I’ve tried almost everything, but the game won’t progress forward, even after I’ve killed all the enemies in the area. What do I do?

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I’m having the same problem on PC. My power went out during the mission and now he won’t move. Also tried going to a different zone to reset, but that didn’t work either.

Having the exact same issue with my copy on my xbox one. Don’t want to start again as I’ve put 25 hours into this game already

I’m having the same issue exactly on PC right now

Even if you drag him over to the area from downing yourself it still doesn’t trigger the quest to start, scratching my head at how to fix this one.

Edit: the only way atm to get out is to matchmake your way out

this also happens to me but on a different mission (in the shadow of starlight) where it tells me to follow a character but he just won’t move

Same on PS4. The game is broke. This is dumb.

Same here any notifications on this being fixed?

Same here but I’m on (In the shadow of starlight) on PS4 in TVHM. I’ve quit and restarted, completely rebooted, everything. No dice… the place where you would put the key on the pedestal isn’t clickable. It’s as if Gearbox doesn’t actually want me to play this game.