Mission - You are Cordially Invited

I am having real trouble completing this Quest on Kreig on UHVM.

Basically I have Release the Best and Raving Retribution (thought I didn’t have RR when I last tried the mission)

Anyway, the mobs go straight for the generator, Ignoring me, so I cannot get them to wound me to 33% to get my free Buzz Axe Rampage.

If I kick it off without RtB, I will be on cooldown for the rest of the wave, meaning they ignore me and go kill the generator.

I just cannot kill them quick enough or pull agro from the generator, any tips? In UHVM even rocket launchers barely touch health.

I am now level 59 with running with a Magic Missile: Slag (36), Flints Tinderbox (56), Hornet (59), and just picked up a Shock Octo (59) I am going to use over the Shock Rocksalt (56), Relic is +46% Health and COM is +5 Legendary Psycho, Shield is a 59 Rough Rider.

Build is now

(I found that the few points in Elemental Empathy were messing up my RtB cycle sometimes, so I went the whole hog and got Thrill of the Kill to, so I am either regenning health like a pro, or I am dying and can RtB, plus I figured healing myself on EE would be handy with Silence the Voices, I dropped the Explosive damage from Strip the Flesh for a while as I tried out TotK, but I am not sold on it.)

I do plan on respeccing to get Bloodsplosion, but only when I have the spare points to still have Numb the Nerves

Any help getting this quest out of my list appreciated, it’s not like I need the Teapot as I can farm Knuckledragger, but it’s a failed quest, and that hurts :frowning:

Rocket Launcher + area efect grenade = done

Also choose your starting point well. The waves always come from the same directions in the same sequence, so that helps. I usually wait by the gate (watch out for the mine though!) and start taking shots as soon as they appear. If you can aggro them early enough, they will attack you rather than heading for the generator.