Missus and I are looking for players!

As the title says: The missus and I are looking for some people to do Advanced Story missions with or just PvP. We are up for both!!

Add me: SpiritReacher
Or put a lil’ story down here and I will add you.

Hoozah for friendships!

I just joined a ps4 community called Battleborn Forumites theres close to around 100 players in it, only joined last night haven’t been able to group with anyone yet, but thought id let ya know.
I play in the mornings but can only pvp at night after around 930 or 10pm eastern, I watch my daughter in mornings til 2pm ish can run story missions but can’t focus enough for pvp til at night.
Hope this helps!

Edit: I’m command rank 37 with ISIC 15, Oscar mike 12, and miko 8 pretty much 9. I can run healer for stories or pvp I just need mikos last mutation.

Sounds fun psn : boredumb64

what part of the world you from ???

I’m from Europe. But I play at totally different times. I have a weird rhytm.

im from uk i mainly use miko and really only use him unless have no choice lol psn suicidal_decay