Mitosis + Deadeye

Is the hunter seeker mitosis prefix any longer obtainable? Spent a good 5-6 hours dropping GenIVIV and only managed to see standard or cloning hunter-seekers?

Also, whilst I’m here! Best source to obtain the Deadeye class mod?

It exists just rng is all and trial of cunning for deadeye.

It might be incomplete, but the wiki don’t seem to reference the mitosis deadeye

Deadeye is a class mod. Mitosis is a grenade prefix

My bad, there was deadeye in the title so i focus on that, and not the mention of the hunter seeker in the post

Yep, it exists. It is the one I currently am using (Level 57 Mitosis Hunter-Seeker). Only one I have seen in probably at least 600 hours on the game. They are stupid rare.

Surely only available in TVHM then? I’ve just sunk another 2 hours in average a kill every 30s making that a average of 240 kills on M4 and still nothing.

I understand farming is an aspect of this game but this drop rate is silly

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I get it, but you’re looking for a really, really specific item with specific rolls. I am assuming you are a Fl4k player, because Fl4k is really the only one who uses this grenade to my knowledge (EDIT: upon reflection maybe Moze could use this grenade too, but I am not sure as I don’t play her). Let me go ahead and predict what rolls you want on it (because they are the ones I would want as a Fl4k player for that grenade):

  1. You want a Mitosis version (like a 1 in 6 roll);
  2. With an element (1 in 2 guesstimate);
  3. Anointed (1 in 2 guesstimate);
  4. An on ASE anointment (1 in 4 guesstimate).

I don’t know the exact odds of any of the above, again just guesses OTOH. I also am no odds calculator, but I think that the odds of just the above would be that assuming you got the grenade to drop at all, the chances of it being the one you wanted would be 1 in 96, or just a little over 1%.

Whatever the odds, this is just a really specific item. It is not going to drop often at all. Be prepared to farm a long while.

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With that in mind, is it worth it? I have a cloning already so is the mitosis that much better it is worth the time?

Honestly, I would say no. I have one just because it dropped for me in the Slaughter Shaft. Before that, I was using a Quasar primarily and It’s Piss situationally (for the debuffs), and they work just as well. Throwing grenades as Fl4k is not a priority for me anyway.

Use whatever you have at this point until we know what the level cap will be. Don’t ever farm perfect gear before level cap, in fact. If you just want to try a weapon or something, sure, go for it, but I wouldn’t try for god-rolled gear until after it is clear the game has hit level cap.

All that said, the Hunter-Seeker is not a game changer or anything. It just has some Fl4k synergies that other grenades do not have with Megavore and LNT. Also crit-swapping shenanigans with the Unforgiven. You can do those things with a Cloning prefix verson.

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Exactly what I wanted to hear! Appreciate that!

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