Mixing up skin colors

So… How umprobable and impossible could be… having the feature to mix up skins, having some level of “customisation” even if its just for 1 or 2 extra slots.

I thought on this because I like the white marquis suit, but I dont like how the metal part of his skin turns pale, so nothing pop up as much on his dessign.

It would be great if I could pic stuff like “skin color + clothes color + accessories colors” or how ever the skins are build.

Or do you think the way Skins work probable GBX are not going to take a look into that Idea…


back when the game first came out, a dev talked about the ability to customize skins so that a team could have matching colors or something similar. I’d love to chose like 3/4 colors (a main, highlights, lowlights, etc) that might have special effects or appearences like wood texture or aurox’s balloon skin. haven’t heard literally anything since the very beginning of the game so i wouldn’t bank on it