MLGx420YoloSwag's Battleborn Montage (XB1)

*Mods please don’t move if at all possible. Feel like newcomers are more likely to look in this category rather than fan creations.

Made a little montage. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


Mods, please move this to fan creations.

Go away, nobody cares.

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2 things glad I didnt see myself in any of those think we have only played against each other once and second most kills seem to be pubstomps you at 10 trouncing 5s and 6s

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I’ll have to watch this when I get home, I recognize your gamer tag, went against you at least once.

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You realize by commenting on it you brought it to the top of the category right?

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Sorry, but its moved to the Fancreation-section.
I really like it though, we need more creative videos! :heart:

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If that got it moved quicker then I’m ok with that.

I agree but fan creations doesn’t get much attention. So kinda pointless to post vids on here. Unfortunate.