Moarr vs MOARR: why dis?

I was cleaning out my bank of legendary weapons without anointments to make room for higher level gear (hopefully with anointments) and saw that I had two almost identical weapons. However, one has all caps and the other doesn’t? Anyone know what the significance of this (if anything)?

Projectile count

I sort of assumed it might be that but isn’t that different than the way other guns work? I thought there was an actual prefix that changed things like that. Isn’t the word “Moar” part of the name as opposed to being a prefix or do other items work like this as well? Seems odd.

Moar is just a prefix for cov weapons with multiple projectiles, but the linoge always has extra projectiles so it can’t not spawn with that prefix.

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Can add an extra “R” too… they come with up to x5; personally i prefer the x4

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