Moarrr Guardian Takedown gripes (Jumping)

in my very humble opinion, there should be absolutely zero chance of missing the first boss platform when dropping down. But this is what happened to me on 2 consecutive occasions.

Clearly this needs to be fixed.


ROFL hapened to me the first time 2, yet another example of why not to play the takedown.
just play BL2 instead it’s what everyone else is doing.


even joltz started another playthrough

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The first one might be your fault (bipod mode), but the second is weird. Did you hold forward while falling?

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Yes, and did a little jump as well. There should be no way to miss this, you should land in the middle of the platform. They need to adjust the trajectory of the drop. There should be no airborne actions that affect the jump

That is why Zane rules in this takedown, clone swap is the best security ever for platforming

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this is so funny had me in stitches

go to 2nd response (Randy), click 2 more replies. 60 sec video from Moxsy. same place same boss ROFL

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Yup, this landing zone is very unsafe, should be more in center.

I replied to Moxy’s video tweet with my fails

I had one try where I mantled this ledge. I was like
giphy (1)


Played with FL4K today and it was way safier. I’ve land at somewhere around the centre of main platform :thinking: No snowdrift, no extra speed etc.

Once you learn the patterns, it’s very easy. I don’t die anymore due to the platforms or jump boosters.

Aye, but my issue is hitting the boss platform to begin with :rofl:


Just takes practice, man…lol… I went from having nearly 200 million dollars to having under 10 million…lol… Oh, about the money thing… you can have more than $99,999,999 in your bank. It will only show that much.

what i do, is i don’t hold back on my slide and keep pushing forward. then just jump at the last possible momentand keep pushing forward, i always end up in the inner square of the arena.

thought i’d see what the hotfix did, health better but still to much for single player, very, very item specific.

got knocked off first set platforms about 8 times thanks to knockback.

killed first boss again got to next set of pillers and got knockback again straight off the edge, was final straw for me, never again.

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