Moba players needed

I know Battleborn isn’t a moba but I could use some help as I’ve never played a game like Battleborn or a moba but I’m extremely hyped to play it. I could use some help understanding lingo and tactics of games like Battleborn or moba style games. Is it a good idea for players to travel in teams of two in Battleborn and if so, who would be a good character to support/be supported by Marquis. I think a good one would be Galilea or Bolder since Marquis could support them with sniper fire and they could shield him, then again my noobness could just be showing. Help!

This meta is not set yet and needs some time to develop.
I highly doubt that we will see an exact copy of the actual moba meta, because of the
fact that the maps in Battleborn seem to have only 2 lanes instead of 3.
If you play it you will learn it.

Half of that statement is Greek to me. I know what meta is but how would the number of lanes affect the effectiveness of teams? Wouldn’t two lanes help support teams being divided into two parties?

Lucky for you, I actually speak Greek (for real, not a play on words).

The point was just that since the game isn’t out yet and doesn’t have a ton of people playing it, there’s not enough information available to create the meta, and while there are MOBA aspects to some of the game modes, there’s no telling if MOBA strategies will be successful in Battleborn or not. Also, since characters are constantly being balanced, there’s no telling what character combinations will have good synergy and which won’t. There are a few threads here on the forums already speculating as much.

The number of lanes comment was just an observation on one of the differences between BB and traditional MOBAs. Can argue that this is both good (need more strategic communication for targeted team fights) and bad (potentially less ability for jungling and characters that can contribute via methods other than blowing up the other team).

As for learning the core mechanics, totally agree that more play time will help there; it also helps watching some of the Let’s Play videos and the more recent early access streamers to get a feel of what characters can do and what the objectives are. Gearbox has done an awesome job of improving the on-screen interfaces as well since the CTT, so there’s no doubt you’ll pick it up.

Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. I usually play fighting games and I’m mostly a casual player so meta for games hasn’t really had an impact on me and I understand what it is but I know almost nothing bout how it would affect me in something like Battleborn.

Was editing post as you responded, oops.

To add on to previous comments, an important thing to remember is your role in the team. Some characters are meant to attack (other players/minions), some are meant to defend (hold ground/soak up damage), others are meant to support (heal/shield), and still others are meant for crowd control (slow/blind/stun/etc). Most characters are a combination of these things and you can choose which you want to be as you level up and pick from your helix. Depending on what game mode you’re playing, you’ll want to have a good balance of all of these roles to make sure you can be successful. There are also threads on here speculating team compositions for different modes (too lazy to find and link).

Okay thanks, I’ll look into those forums.

Wow I’m so lazy, this was on the first page of the forums: My Thoughts On Team Composition - Developing A Meta

Hm, okay thanks.

Ok i try to explain a little better what i meant.
Basicly it will all sort out like this:
The characters get a role or two an by choosing a specific character everyone expect you to fulfill that role.

The roles might be different ones but this should more or less cover it:
someone who can easily destroy enemy minions and turrets, mostly charakters with much ae (area of effect) damage.
Carry / dd (damage dealer) / Hero killer:
Best for taking out other champions.
Someone who takes damage for the team without dying.
Supporter / Healer:
Someone who helps the others to stay alive.
Shardcollector / Jungler:
Someone who can fast and save get many crystals that are scattered over the map and will build useful stuff with them.

The meta will decide how people think is the best way to distribute the 5 Champions you have over the map and in what roles, maybe it will end with DD & Support at lane 1 and Tank & Pusher at lane 2 with one Jungler,maybe it will be something completely different.

Like a great many “team” based games (at any level), the amount of teamwork you actually find online, particularly in public/random matches, is hilariously low. If you actually find someone (much less your entire squad) who are actively working together, friend them.

Ever play co op in BL2? How many of your team members wore COMs that boosted the entire team, actually played their respective roles, and otherwise cooperated? While you can be fairly successful without teamwork in BL2, it’s just an example.

Ever play Team Fortress 2? It’s got “team” right in the name, but invariably there will be more than half of the team off doing their own thing. When the other team has less people working together though, you’re good to go, but again, it’s rare that I find that sort of genuine cooperation on a large scale online. Where I do find it is in Mann Up Mode for the Mann vs Machine tournaments in Team Fortress 2, which makes the 99¢ entry fee for any given tournament easily worth the cost. Still, even then around half the time there will be that one guy off on his own.

When you get your hands on Battleborn and learn its various metas (which, like BL2, appears to be rich enough that we may be discovering new ones for a very long time), it’ll just make sense? I don’t know if there’s a thread for this yet (probably a little early), but usually there will be a thread where people post their résumés for a game. This is where you can find people who are down for that low-level of cooperation.

There is some meta in certain fighting games… it’s one of the reasons I loved Samurai Shodown.

Okay, thank you for clearing that up.

I’m new to this type of game, but I’ve been looking into it a fair amount, and it seems that battleborn also has another role, “territorial,” for characters that are good at controlling an area. This role includes characters like Toby, Kleese, and Marquis, who have a lot of stationary abilities they can leave to give them control of the map. Additionally, I read an article on different roles in mobas, and it said there is a role called “initiators,” which tanks are included in. These guys basically just run up and screw with the other team, giving their team an opportunity to attack. This is basically what tanks do, but it’s not strictly limited to characters with high health.

Initiators either initiate a fight, by getting into the carries’ faces and dealing enough damage without dying that the enemy team has to deal with them first. Or by applying crowd control to enemies. Usually initiators have some form of AoE CC, but single target CC for priority targets is common too. An exception that barely manages to jump out of both boxes is the hook.

I hope I managed to cover every possible appearance of initiators now.

I’m not new to this, so let me tell you that territorial means a playstyle and not a role, its basically the opposite of mobile, for example a territorial champion can be:

a pusher who kills all minions who enter the lane with stuff like slow building turrets that enemy heroes avoid buy simply staying out of range,

a supporter like most territorial champions that are announced till now with healing or shielding turrets,

and sometime in mobas even a duelist with strong self buffs that only work in a certain area.

What would Toby be considered. He does have some AOE attacks, but he doesn’t seem like he can do any real pushing or initiating.

Territorial I think. He can block damage and set up traps that stun if you use his helix right.

But he says territorial is a playstyle not a role

Well he has the tools for guarding an area, and I doubt dbating whether it’s a role or a playstyle is worth it. Bottomline he can guard an area pretty well and that’s what Toby seems catered towards so he’s a territorial character in the same sense that Kleese is support and Miko is a healer. Kleese has an entire side of his helix for damage and Miko could provide support damage. They just have styles that they’re better at.

If the cooldown and damage of his mines is good enough to kill minions with it he could fulfill the role of a pusher, otherwise he has a deployable shield that protects alleys to, so in some degree he can tank.

Like in mobas not every character fits to 100% into one role, this can lead to weak team composition if the rest of the team also has nobody to help out,
but it can also open up other strong combinations with other heroes that may not need a very strong tank because they can mostly care for themselves, so the extra damage that Toby brings would be a bonus in that case.