Mobbing and boss fight pistols suggestion

What repeaters/revolvers are you guys using normally for general mobbing? And What gun you would suggest for solo-ing Crawmerax on a gunslinger Mordecai?

For Crawmerax - Unforgiven, Anaconda or Masher.
For Armoured Worms - Defiler or any corrosive Revolver
For Green Worms - Firehawk Repeater or any incendiary Revolver
For Maggots - Aries (if you have one) or any shock Revolver

The beauty of revolvers is they make fantastic elemental weapons.

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Thank you very much! Might I also ask about general mobbing? Do you prefer revolver or high flat damage repeater for general mobbing?

Generally I play as a soldier, so I go for machine pistols. Revolvers I’ve found are generally better, but I like repeaters, and am trying to use them more. Unlike in Borderlands 2, even a white rarity Tediore Repeater can still take most enemies down relatively ease.

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You can never go wrong with a defiler or firehawk. Thanatos, hornet, protector or violator also work

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My Anaconda don’t want none…no were not doing that. Mashers in general are very strong, doesn’t have to be Unique in any way. Basically it is Repeaters for high DPS, Revolvers for One/Two shooting base mobs.

I tried to search for build in the old forum but found nothing. Do people prefer Masher above Unforgiven? The biggest problem I have with Mordecai in general mobbing is survivability. When enemies are shooting at me I can barely aim steadily and headshot.

For general mobbing, sounds like you may benefit from machine pistols most. The Double Thanatos will melt your enemies. Precise aiming is barely needed. But it will eat your ammo. For a machine pistol build, youd want an ammo regenerating Gunslinger com.

To help with surviving, specc into Out For Blood. Bloodwing will keep you alive with that skill providing you time it right, which isnt hard to do.

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Thanks a lot! Jo! :smiley:

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Well people usually prefer an Unforgiven masher if they can get one.

Although anything Jakobs is for precision damage dealing, an Atlas Masher with Mag4 makes a perfect “spam cannon” especially with firerate boosting skills.

For the minions a Defiler or Hornet for the armoured ones, then a Firehawk for the worms and an Aries for the Maggots.

But any decent elemental revolver will do.

For Mobbing, if your going all pistols, I usually use this setup;

-A 2-shot Jakobs for long range (an Unforgiven if you have it)
-A Dahl or Atlas masher for the aforementioned “spam cannon”
-a Defiler for lance enemies. A Hornet or corrosive Violator works just as well.
-a incindiary Revolver or a Firehawk for burning fleshy enemies.

How did I know you would turn up? :stuck_out_tongue: but yes, what Kitty said. Revolvers can be a nuisance due to flinch when getting shot, so Repeaters are the way for general mobbing.