Mobbing: Fade away without GITM surprisingly good

After the awful nerf, I gave Fade Away without GITM a second chance and I am very surprised. Playing with GITM was so stressful for me, because I always tried to get the most of the (now very short) duration. But without GITM I have a lot of time to line up three perfect shots with my high damage Jacob shotgun. I sneak towards an enemy and then: Boom! With a little bit of planing, it is possible to clear entire rooms because of the Jacobs ricochet.
For me this is more effective than using GITM. And more important: It is much more fun than GITM, because it is not so stressful.
So, if you are like me and the new short duration of GITM gives you tachycardia while mobbing , try out the vanilla Fade Away with a Jacobs weapon.


Jakobs shotguns and snipers are FL4K’s best friend. With the right build they can 1 shot most mobs and 2 shot most badasses. The only real downside is the the ricochet’s homing is a bit bugged and will just randomly fling bullets into walls instead of into other enemies.

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Singularity grenades. It’ll be like playing Bore Zero (Coontail’s “Thievus Racoonus” for any who remember that).

I’m having so much fun with this play style. You do some much burst damage to mobs

GITM always felt awful for survivability tbh; there are a lot of things that Fade Away is really good for (getting health/shields back, reviving your pet etc.) that you couldn’t really do with GITM (even pre-nerf) and you don’t really need the extra DPS during mobbing anyway

I’ve noticed this as well, even without GITM fade away is still probably Fl4ks best action skill, although I haven’t really tested Gamma Burst.

I didn’t start playing him until after the nerf. I can already tell the shortened duration hurts GitM greatly. It’s still very powerful but 5 seconds is just nothing. What’s the point of the movement speed burst and health regen? They are nothing in 5 seconds. Terrible change. If anything make it 8-10 seconds with no crit dmg boost. But yeah without GitM, it’s very fun with the 3 shots. Just kills it for some guns i’d like to use with Fade Away.