Mobbing Hyperion Hub of Heroism w/ Nisha and a jacobs Gatling Gun - No Showdown used

I decided to do a run without jumping into showdown. not sure why exactly…other than to change it up a bit. It was fun playing in this manner/play style…


Some satisfying gunplay there, mate!

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Thank you @Giuvito, I do appreciate the kind words. :blush:

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I appreciate your tendency to strafe, as well as your know-how of getting away from the line of fire. Also, timing the velocity of the ammunition well enough to know how to use it without giving up accuracy.

Two things that no build guide can teach. Well done, well done.

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I never realized how subconscious that is for me. Its very apparent when I watch vids of my play. And again, thank you for your kind words. :smile:

Have to admit when playing as Nisha I often go without the Showdown just so I can see. :slight_smile:

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very nice. usually i just spam showdowns until everything is dead, but i have been known to play a little more reserved at times, especially in mutator 9 (where i use bottled courage to get my shield back).

that is where my build differs from @charrisx if I remember correctly. Might be another skill as well…I’d have to look his build up and compare at this point. it’s been a while since I perused Charrisx build. [quote=“onlyin_kansas, post:7, topic:1126085”]
very nice.
And thank you @onlyin_kansas. :smile: