Mobs with rocket launcher

Are one of the worse AI i saw in games. Or the AI damage gain is unfair, broken.

In most games i played AI with rocket launcher usually dont shoot player few metters or less away, instead they move/dash/ teleport away to gain some distance, and only then they shoot.
AI in this game needs some more work, its unfair that mobs dont take any damage from their own splash damage from rockets.
Lets not forget how hard it is to see if you get close and they start shooting.
Totally annoying, i hope devs do something about this and all the shooting effects. Many times we have issues seeing anything but gun effects, when we should be able to see enemy at least a bit…


This where target selection and shields become important

Eg if it’s an electric heavy

I pop on my transformer and he’s now charging my shields … He’s my last target … I don’t need to worry in fact he’s helping me

Radiation heavy hit up my red suit shield immunity to radiation … time for us to get up close n have words young man … He’s now my first target cos with out that cloud things are easier to see

Corrosive … Well I’m probably screwed as I’ve not got s good corrosive protection, sane with cry … So I’m going to switch up my shield largest capacity, pop on my deathless and bloodletter and then a gun and grenade that heals me and just let rip at everything big n nasty until the spill their chili recipe

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Yeah. It’s bad. Actually, I think I’ve seen a few take themselves out with their own splash damage. One time, I equipped a Back ham, it reflected their missile, and they died. Thanks Back ham.

This. While getting multiple RL spawns is annoying RNG, if you can move so they can see you but are shooting into an obstacle, they will eat their own splash damage.

Totally agree that this is really annoying! Actually the most annoying thing is that i have the impression that they never stop shooting. At least give a couple seconds between shoots. When you have more than 1 rocket laucher npc in the same room it’s a VFX festival you don’t see anything at all

They do, I’ve seen them kill so many of their friends in the slaughter shaft. If you can get two badasses in a straight line, the further back one will help kill the other one for you with his rockets.

In this game, most often, you are fighting insane psychopaths that just do not care about their own well being and are happy to die in service of their queen.

They do take splash damage btw.

They do take yes, but the damage they take is low on certain Mayhem 3 modifiers.
Anyone who played Slaughter Shaft on Mayhem 2 or 3 knows how annoying some small areas are in this game. Instead of mobs all we see are fireworks way too often.
And certain AI need some more adjustments to tune down ragequits and improve gameplay.

Yeah I had this yesterday in mayhem 3. BA with a rocket launcher had perfect aim, instant reloads and an uncanny ability to predict when I’d peak out from behind cover. Seriously, if you’re that good with a RL, you win!

If nothing else Gearbox could put a limit on how many they can shoot before reloading.

Spending that much time in the menu ruins the game.

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Or limit the number of mobs that shoot at you.
For example, only 5 mobs can shoot at you and all other mobs in area will go look for cover or just run around from cover to cover. Something needs to be done, so we don’t die because we are not lucky with modifiers or 10 rockets flying at you from all directions.

I need to do more of what you’re doing with matching shields per the AI or the same with weapon/gear combo’s. I’ve started to do that with having a weapon for each element and switching on the fly. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m just now figuring out I can tell what element they’re using based on their rounds!!! I’ve only been playing since the original BL came out, hahahahahaha.

The issue I have with it is they shoot in a way that a player couldn’t, IE…constantly. What weapon are they using? An infinity rocke launcher.

They just put a lot into their reload skills.