[MOD] B5: All Alone in the Night - Update 09/19

Because creating BrickSpace, helping MIX, and creating my own BSG mod isn’t enough… :smile:

This and the BSG mod are mostly my own private projects for now (ie they are not available for download yet), and I hope to get them release ready eventually for everyone to enjoy. I’ve gotten permission from Zeelich to use the War Without End assets, and @Crook or anyone else, if you see a piece of your work in here that needs crediting just let me know. I’m also happy to provide any assets from this mod to War Without End when it re-starts.




Babylon 5


I was in charge of some of the UI modifications (especially the Area Capture UI), so if you have any questions concerning this part of the mod, don’t hesitate to ask :wink:

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Awesome, thanks!!

Must play when i get my PC up and running sniff gotta wait until monday before i get my pc parts =(

Keep the screenies coming! Looking forward to seeing what our ships look like in the Remaster.

That Facebook link is dead Sastrei :frowning:

Fixed, I think!

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Confirmed fixed! Looking forward to updates :smiley:

22k polys and a 34MB HOD is totally acceptable, right? :smile:

Narn G'Quan Cruiser


I never cared for B5, but this is really cool.

Oooooh I love that ship, and that rendition of it too.

22k does seem a bit much, but damn it looks good.

Edit: On the other hand, PC’s are a lot more powerfull than they used to be. I’m sure 22k is fine. :smile:

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Narn Frazi Fighter

Narn Frazi Fighter

Narn Frazi Fighter

Missile Volley


OMFG! How did you know? I was just thinking about the Omega and its missile broadside!?

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Haha, serendipitous fortune I presume. :slight_smile: Let me know if you want any of the materials out of the mod, I’ll be happy to provide.

I would love to get a copy of what you’ve got so far, it looks amazing.

dayum zeelich has some competition now well unless you merge /wink wink nudge nudge. anyone else notice the B5 explodeing in the background of the vid XD

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I wanna blow up that narn cruiser =)

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