[MOD] BG Maps - Update: New map released

I finally put my backgrounds into a map mod:


BG Maps (Background Maps) is a collection of maps with unique backgrounds. This mod contains 3 new multiplayer maps:

  1. Gas Giant (2 player with a large blue gas giant planet in the background)
  2. Ice Moon (4 player orbit above an icy moon)
  3. Roche Limit (6 player - clone of Sarum map with a ringed planet in the background)
  4. Rogue Planet (2 player dark map)

All content is provided free - feel free to rip the files and create your own maps with these backgrounds, provided you maintain the credits below.


  1. Gas Giant: Thanks to “priteeboy”/“chromattix” who created the Gas Giant resource pack used for the planet.
  2. Ice Moon: Thanks to NASA for their detailed image of Pluto, which was manipulated to create the Ice Moon surface.
  3. Roche Limit: Thanks to “priteeboy”/“chromattix” who created the Gas Giant resource pack used for the planet. Ring texture: Techno Buffalo / NASA Cassini.
  4. Rogue Planet: planet texture based on NASA image map of the asteroid Vesta.

Totally cool!! I thought about asking you to make those maps available for normal games, but I figured you wanted to keep them in your mod for added cool points. :wink:

Good choice with Sarum as the base for Roche Limit. That was hands down the best map back in the old days! I’m gonna go check it out right now!

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I’ve got no rings, man!! =O That’s the good thing about adding maps in a steam mod - you can update them :wink:

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@Captain_Freedom are you running another mod with it?

Have you misclicked with one of your salvage corvettes and accidentally salvaged the entire rings of the planet? These cheeky lads can be ambitious during their job.


Argh, I think I know why that is… I’ll fix it now…

EDIT: fixed!

Yeah, totally was, but unless we happened to have named some resource the same it should be ok. I tried it out in the normal game after just to make sure.

Rufus, I think they would be worth so many RUs that I wouldn’t even need to fight the battle anymore. I hear the beaches of Bentus are beautiful this time of year. :smiley:

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nothing but gravel out here

What did you change?

I forgot the shader files first time :o

A gold-plated mothership with encrusted diamonds would be so in though, it would definitely be a great investment.

More seriously, great-looking maps, the skill shows. :slight_smile:

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Try to imagine Makaan saying, 'You forgot late charges. That brings it up to …ugh… a MILLION space bucks." I can’t do it. I still hear Pizza the Hut. :smiley:

That is very true - the maps look freaking fantastic! From the looks, Ice Moon is my favorite. I might mooch it for a map too. I’m kind of into maps with 8 players. Totally generous to let other people use it, man. Very cool!


Woohoo 500 subscriptions in 19 days :slight_smile:

I’m going to fix the asteroids (some were too close to each other) and maybe make another background.


They’re totally fun. I’ve been playing Ice Moon against 3 separate CPUs in Goliath. It’s super hard =D you can’t get a front going for crap and as soon as you start beating somebody up, you get attacked from somebody else, but it’s like that for everybody so the game goes on forever. AND it looks killer.

I just got a new computer and it handles the background better too. I had a weird effect on my old computer, where if you turned the camera fast, there was a black outline of the ship in focus as the moon was being redrawn. I didn’t look bad, just weird sometimes. Maybe the new computer will handle the problems I was having with the effects being dropped too. (with the shields) Even if, I guess we have to think about people with old computers when laying out mods.

I think I’m really gonna mooch this background for something. Might change the way the moon and the background looks, but I’m probably gonna start with your stuff, cuz i have no idea how you did it. haha

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Yeah, it was built with 2v2 in mind, so it might get a bit manic without teams…

EDIT: I made the fix to the asteroid positions.

@Captain_Freedom I have that issue with black shadows around big bg objects - I think it is just my PC struggling!

Feel free to mess with the level background, just credit the original mod and the people I credited. Let me know if you want the source files.

I might be interested in using it for one of my campaign’s missions that involves landing troops on moon-based shipyards. The source files would definitely interest me as there’s a couple of background elements I might try to add to the scene. Thanks!

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Here is the dae file for Ice Moon.


I am trying to upload the textures too, but for some unfathomable reason when I try to upload large files to google drive my wireless adapter keeps resetting…

Thanks! I’ll try to tinker around with it. :slight_smile:

My wireless adapter or the background?


I’m working on a new map: Rogue Planet *

The idea is to create a very dark map to show off the ships’ lighting (glow maps). It could also make combat a bit more fun with the tactical overlay turned off, because you cannot see enemy ships lurking in wait…

Right now the background itself seems a bit low quality (some odd banding going on) and I think the planet itself is too bright, but it is coming together. The planet textures are based on NASA imaging of the asteroid Ceres.

*a “rogue planet” is a planet that does not orbit a star. It orbits the galactic centre directly, wandering through the cold, dark depths of space on its own.


Good idea! The planet kind of looks like a cookie though. =D It it going to be big like the other ones?

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