[MOD] BSG: Apotheosis

As with my B5 mod, this is mostly just my own personal project for now, and not available for download yet. I was part of the BSG:FC team, and am lucky to have their support in moving forward with this project. Plus, I’ll get a chance to update my Dradis tactical icons and jump effect. :smile:

Most (all, in these screenshots anyway) of the untextured models are my own work. I also hope to include some stuff from Blood and Chrome, but that’s contingent on finding decent reference material.

Battlestar Galactica




A competitor for Pheonix Interactive! :o

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Ironed out some of the scaling quirks over the weekend.




Scaling is essential for any mod, and It’s good that 1 HW unit = 1 m. Makes it easy to scale things before you set up a HOD.

NLIPS is something I refused to have in STC for the longest time but I was persuaded in the end, and I made triply sure that the NLIPS option was disabled on my own machine… :see_no_evil: