[MOD] BSG: Fleet Commander - Update 12/24 - General

“All of this has happened before and will happen again.”

The Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander team is proud to announce that we will resume our award winning Battlestar Galactica mod for Homeworld Remastered!

Thanks to those who contributed to our past success! In order of appearance:
yafn, teknolust, Cloaked, Darken, Captain Apollo, Solstyce, SuperNova, EvilleJedi, LeSunTzu, MGoblin, mrWHO, OÉ, Aurora, TWCooke, MrSlinks, Sastrei, Coxxon, Dasker, Malek, Craig McCarthy, Bootsman, Quasty, Chryx, revan999, DnsKids, Tefeari, TAKER, morheg, Zatch, Mark F. Heiman, Zaha, Mr_artok, Digger, SirEvad, Lancefighter, Mikail, Mr_Cellophane, Xamel, Apollyon470, furrot, Apollo15, Sithpenguinelord, Martok, Eggbertman, KRossKoWolf, artisen12, insandeplanetman, scarbrow, Adimo, Dracco00885, DivineFrog, kross, Omniplex09, Jake, egeusz, sntxeror, R!vE, Flyberius, Carl, CnlPepper, Martin Ahm Nielsen, rive, barnmaddo, macemillion, Wolff, abacus12, adamstrange, Sensretractor

We look forward to modding with old and new teammates alike.
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Can’t believe its been over a decade since I started on this project! I started back when this mod was just a handful of ships, and I did a lot of heavy lifting to help turn it into a total conversion. Back then I had my hands on just about everything except the campaign and the AI (which I had broke when I renamed all the hgn/vgr prefixes to BSG prefixes, lol).

Here’s my favorite trailer from back in the day:

Looking forward to seeing this mod in Homeworld Remastered :slight_smile:


Wait, are you guys taking over from Phoenix Interactive, whom took over BSG: Fleet Commander and made it their own mod?

This is somewhat complicated and we are in discussions with Phoenix Interactive to understand how we might work together, as they have clearly been working hard on their own version, but the intention is essentially to continue where we left off, in whatever guise that takes.


Personally it was and still is the art and creation of the original team and thus should be entitled to your work and your development of your mod, but be aware they struck a deal with MGM to even continue developing it without the fear of C&D. If they don’t willingly hand it back to the original authors, I don’t think it would look good on their part.

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It’s fantastic to see so much of the old team come back and answer the call for this mod. It’s been many years and it’s been outstanding to reconnect with everyone involved. We’re all excited about working on the mod without the fear of having to drop it all because of a C&D, so we’ll have to see how it works out with PI. I for one can’t wait to redo the ancient videos that are in this thread. (glad to see they’re still being viewed!) -Darken


Thanks, I appreciate the comment, we’ve actually discussed suspension of the C&D with PI in some detail as it was the only reason we stopped working in the first instance. Fingers crossed things might now play out in the best way for both the dev team and for fans of the material and fiction.


So you guys are taking it back from them?

We’re working with PI.


Good luck, BSG FC was one of the original HW2 mods that got me into modding so looking forward to seeing this progress.


[quote=“sastrei, post:9, topic:1330683, full:true”]
We’re working with PI.[/quote]

Really glad to read that. Not just the fact that you the original devs return to the bsg mod but also that you work with PI together. I would’ve hated it to see the 2 modding groups in opposition to one another. It wouldn’t have been the first time remember the Freespace BSG modding project which split up resulting in the collapse of the first original project.

How ever I’m not sure if the mod in it’s current state could still be considered theirs (the returning devs). As far as I understand it they remade everything from scratch. Textures, models etc. They also abandoned it out of fear for a lawsuit which was well justified. Would have left as well… So anyway everything by definition should belong to the modders of PI and the rights for the whole setting of course lays with CBS , paramount or who ever.

In any case I wish you folks all of you folks best of luck that the transition for the two teams into one larger team will be swift and successful. I hope your visions for the mod will be in sync with PI and that the Freespace 2 debacle wont repeat itself. If a larger group of new and old people reappear there are usually differences in opinion of how to approach certain things which means trouble.

Hello everyone. Indeed, we’ve been discussing with the BSGFC development team for over a month now, and we all want at PI to develop the mod with them. We’re really (and I mean really) excited by a such opportunity.

We both share the same vision and the same ideas for the future of BSG:FC and as an example, Yafn is now the project lead behind Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander. This collaboration means a lot for us and we can’t wait to work with them! :wink:


This is certainly what we are going for :wink:


Finally got some progress worth showing for y’all. It’s a long road to tipperary. :smiley:


Custom Tactical Icons

Colonial Small Missile

Docking Battle Raptor


Working on filling in some gaps in the fleet roster. :slight_smile:

First Cylon War era Raptor

Cylon Freighter from the new series.


Working on the Cyclops class supply ship from Blood and Chrome.


And since Sastrei is busy posting new material… I thought I might do the same…

This is a work in progress for a civilian freighter / cargo ship (seen fleeing Caprica in the early episodes of the new series with fleeting glances of her in the fleet later). Sastrei created the model, there isn’t much material to base the texture on so the skin is pretty much down to my own creativity - it’s about 85% complete in these shots… just some shading and final decals to add.


Updated with some rust, scratches and a few final details, she’s ready to join the rag tag fleet…

*edit - sorry for the low res image, I’ll take another at some point :slight_smile:

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No AO bake?

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