[MOD] Complex 10

Since he hasn’t made a thread about it yet - Beghins brought Complex out from behind its’ paywall. First public release for HWR is available via ModDB. Don’t know why they haven’t put it up on Steam yet to make it easier for everyone.


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Obviously because it would not be a… complex enough solution.

Badum-tss. runs away in shame

EDIT: looks like, according to various reports on their forums, that the new version is particularly power-hungry, people indicating 40 % processor use even with a quad-core. I’ll probably give it a try next year or so.


I’m running it fine on a measly i5-3210m with an Intel HD 4000 at 1366x768 at full 60fps.
I’ve turned off AA obviously.
It looks amazing

EDIT: Gets laggy when too many enemies are on screen or even when the camera is pointed in their direction but not visible due to fog of war

Now is on Steam, try it, it runs well on all systems, I hope you like it


I’ve been checking and it does not yet appear to be available on Steam as far as I can see.

Edit: Nevermind, I was checking most recent, and it didn’t pop up in there. Searching by name turned it up eventually. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398406822

I made my maps / levels
(not in game) - Maps/levels
I can not see the timing game

Here levels. files

over what to write?
to contain the
10 in Complex

Please Help :stuck_out_tongue:
i love complex 10 mods

this should be rewritten?

Root = "DATA:\LevelData\Multiplayer\deathmatch"
ExtFilter = “levels_dm,levels_hw2,levels_dm_hw2,levels_hw1,levels_dm_hw1”

–Tags - Set single tags for all levels…
Tags = “dm,hw2,dm_hw2,hw1,dm_hw1”

–TagSets - Set groups of tags for all levels (defined in Scripts/Tags/*.tags) - makes bulk editing faster…
–TagSets = “dm,hw2,dm_hw2,hw1,dm_hw1”

or not ?
How to do ?

The tags complex 10 filters levels by are probably different than the stock ones. Someone would have to extract the mod to see what tags it uses.

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What should I do?
so you can play on it?

It does. Every unit folder has a subfolder for the tags. Anyone who wishes to make anything more than very straightforward additions should take the time to analyze the structure of the mod. Plus, it’s in itself an interesting thing to do as the code is nicely organized and written, making it a good support to learn a bit more on coding possibilities (I’m learning about UI tinkering there for example).

Given my experiences with said author - you and I either have very different definitions of well written LUA, or somebody’s been getting much better!


You have seen my code. Think about it for a minute: I am coding LUA akin to a kitten after having read the Necronomicon while having sampled Walter White’s production, so anything that does not cause a breach in the reader’s starboard fusion chamber just by looking at it is, under my coding standards, organized and well-written.


I made a Maps & Levels (level)
I want to play and the mods into the complex 10

what to do so I can play on it?
Be kind enough to help it to do?


homeworld 2 remastered
there see your own Maps & levels (level)

10 I want to be complex mods
I make
Maps & Levels (levels)

what you need to rewrite or what should I do?