[MOD] Convoy Command


A pretty simple mod made at the demand of a player of the Wing Commander Total Conversion, this sets up at the beginning of the game a randomly-positionned jump buoy that will spawn a transport ship headed for your base in total autonomy (you cannot give it any order) and drop some RU. The AI has been told to behave with these ships with the same priority as a mothership and they have a large RU cost, meaning a pretty high bounty if you happen to have the mode activated as you destroy an enemy supply ship. It can be a bit of a change in terms of gameplay to be forced to attack and defend mobile targets as well as to look for them (the random position will be a few dozen km away from your mothership, so the area to look for is kinda large).


Double post, but for an announcement. The convoy mod has attracted the attention of players who like competitive MP gameplay and I’ve been commissionned to produce a competitive version of it. It involves changes designed to reduce the randomness while maximizing the effect of the convoys on the gameplay in order to encourage players to use lighter units to control and dispute the entirety of the map rather than singular mining areas.

From now on, the jump beacons from which transports appear are spawned between 40 and 60 km from the middle of the map. This makes the potential positions the same for everyone. In addition to this, instead of a single ship coming and going, the beacon will spawn a transport, then will self-destruct after a few dozen seconds to respawn in another random position where it will create a new transport, meaning you will end up with a large number of transports coming from all over the map. To compensate, their reward for successful arrival has been reduced to 2,000 RU and might be further adjusted after player feedback. Once the transport brings its delivery home, it will jump out of the system right away without going back to the beacon. The competitive version is available at the following link, while the original version remains available at its current location.